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Card of the Day: 1989 Fleer Box Bottom Mike Greenwell

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1989FleerMikeGreenwellBack when I was a kid, I used to go to the card shop hoping that they had a few empty boxes around. The reason: The Box Bottom cards. I loved these things. I mean they were FREE cards, and sometimes the players were pretty darn good. In 1989, I happened upon a box bottom of 1989 Fleer, one that contained the Mike Greenwell shown here. While this card is hardly worth the paper that it is printed on, this card reminds me of a simpler time in collecting, and this is evidenced by the happy-go-lucky way I apparently went about cutting this Greenwell. Look at those razor-sharp edges and corners, and even borders. /sarcasm.

1991 Fleer Pro-Vision Mike Greenwell — an iconic card for a hell of a player

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1991FleerProVisionMikeGreenwellI know guys who have been out of the collecting game for almost two decades. But all of them remember one thing about Mike Greenwell — his 1991 Fleer Pro Vision card. Greenwell was a stud for the Red Sox in the late 80s and early 90s. By now everyone knows how Greenwell feels about Jose Canseco’s MVP in 1988. But regardless of his on-field accomplishments, this 1991 card remains his cardboard legacy. I recently added this image to my on-going Red Sox Collection project. I’ve still got about 1,500 cards to add, many more to scan, but soon enough I’ll be making a call to all collectors to help fill the gaps.

Two new Red Sox autograph additions

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1996LeafSigsMikeGreenwellI’m working on a new Red Sox reorganization project, and along the way I’ll be attempting to scan all of the Sox cards into a database.As a result, I’ll be showing some of them off here.

Today’s two images are actually new additions to my collection. I snagged these from the bargain bin at a card shop. The 1996 Leaf Signature Mike Greenwell autograph set me back $5, while the 2006 Greats of the Game Bill Buckner auto cost me $7.50.

Bargains? Eh, not really. Good price for two autographs I didn’t already have? Absolutely.

2006GreatsoftheGameBillBucknerGreenwell autographs don’t cost much on eBay. The price I paid here is approporiate, considering that anything purchased on online woul have cost more because of shipping.

Bucker signatures are kind of all over the place. I mean they are not rare, but the prices they fetch are anywhere from $5 to $45 — and the cards don’t always feature Billy Buck in a Sox uniform. This card was actually in the case with a $15 price tag, but had a nice 50 percent sticker affixed to it. That felt like a steal to me. Go figure.