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Card of the Day: 1967 Topps Venezuelan Babe Ruth

Posted in Card of the Day with tags , , , , , , , , on July 20, 2008 by Cardboard Icons

**Note: With the All-Star game taking place this week at Yankee Stadium, I will spend the next several days showcasing cards from my Yankee collection. This is the final segment in the series.

How could I write a weeklong series of blogs about the Yankees or Yankee Stadium and not include Babe Ruth? Come on, you knew it was coming. Here we’re looking at a very rare 1967 Topps Venezuelan Babe Ruth card … or at least what’s left of it. I’ve got only one older Ruth (1960 Fleer), and even that card was produced 27 years after his official rookie card. Ruth is the Yankees. He is the history of baseball. I’m not going to recap everything he did during his career. I’m not going to discuss his time with my the Red Sox or The Curse. I want to speak strictly about this card. Continue reading