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Here we go again … another non-paying buyer on the same item

Posted in Commentary with tags , , , , , on February 18, 2019 by Cardboard Icons

For the second time in about six weeks, I am dealing with yet another instance of a non-paying buyer. And to make matter worse, this is the same item in which the last potential buyer also backed out.

A little more than a week ago I got a push notification that one of my lots of cards had an offer. I saw the offer and took it, immediately sending the buyer an invoice.

I was a bit trepidatious when the offer came in since the last buyer made an offer on the item and then failed to pay. I have learned, sadly, not to get my hopes up for a sale unless the payment is actually made.

Well, here we are, some eight days later and not only have I not seen payment, I have also not seen any communication from the buyer, despite my messages and invoices sent to him.

What the hell is wrong with people on eBay? Better yet, what is wrong with eBay not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback for non-paying buyers? I know eBay says it keeps track of the NPB’s and threatens to discipline the nefarious users, but if you ask me, a negative feedback in a case like this speaks pretty damn loudy. I mean, a quick glance at this guy’s user name and feedback score shows me 561 deals and a 100% feedback. And now a closer look shows six positive feedbacks in the last week, and one “positive” feedback in which the seller explains the buyer did not pay.

Sadly, that “negative” feedback is left as a positive and is hidden among a plethora of positives because the system is broken … the only way for a seller to advise others of what is going on is to leave a positive feedback and say something in the comments.

It’s nonsense. eBay does a pretty good job of protecting the buyers — which I appreciate as a buyer — but as a sometimes seller I’ve seen too many cases lately of buyers getting away with misuse. This needs to be fixed.

eBay selling frustrations – The NPB

Posted in Misc. with tags , , , , , on January 5, 2019 by Cardboard Icons

Non-paying bidders/buyers on eBay is not a new trend for our hobby. We deal largely in commodities that fluctuate in price with any given day; and we know that buyers run hot and cold. Some people buy with emotion and make a purchase when they think they’re getting a good deal. And then afterward they back out of the purchase agreement with a myriad of excuses …

-My son bought this with my credit card – I did not approve.

-My child has a birthday coming up, I need to sell some other stuff first.

-I thought this was for a whole collection, not just one card

… you get the point.

Personally, I had a pretty good track record in this arena. Most of my buyers came through and made their payment within the first 24-48 hours, and sometimes it would drag to three days. But for whatever reason, I’ve had three of the last five items I’ve sold end or appear to be heading toward NPB status.

One of the excuses above was actually used 6 weeks ago when I sold a Chris Sale 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects auto. The buyer claimed to be a “breaker” from the east coast and appeared to be putting together a buy-back product when he made the purchase. I accepted his offer and then I waited … and waited. I hit him with two reminder notices via eBay and then he shot back that he’d be paying at the end of the week, which of course came and went. I hit him with a third reminder and then came the the most ridiculous excuse I had heard to this point. In summary it went like this:

His daughter was having a birthday soon, and he was trying to sell some items to make sure she had a present. He was asking me if he should sell his gold chain so that he could pay me for my Chris Sale card.

I stepped back from my computer when I saw this and laughed because the scenario seemed so far-fetched. I mean how did we go from him being a breaker, to not having enough money for the card right now, to needing money for a birthday gift AND he was adding a guilt trip of asking me if I wanted him to sell his gold chain. I should add that this was a base Sale Chrome AUTO under $100 at the time.

I digress, the reason this came up today is I am dealing with a new NPB who has not even responded to my two reminders. This buyer has some 1,500 positive feed backs and made an offer for one of my items; the offer was for $200. I pondered it for 30 minutes but ultimately accepted. This was on Dec, 29, a week ago today. I figured the buyer would pay Sunday, or Monday. Then realized me might be waiting for his eBay Bucks to kick in, which as most of us know happened on Wednesday. And when no payment came then I figured he might be waiting for Friday, Jan. 4 for payday.

But here we are, Jan 5 and no payment or communication. So frustrating.

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with this: If you’re buying something from someone and need an extra day or two, communicate that to the buyer. Don’t leave them in the dark — I mean we all love when eBay throws us a bone with special deals. But also don’t be one of those guys who makes an offer or hits a Buy It Now knowing you can’t pay for the item within two or three days.