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Rookie Card Showcase: 2004 Bowman Heritage Huston Street

Posted in Random Rookie Recap with tags , , , , , , , on October 13, 2009 by Cardboard Icons
You can hate me now ...

You can hate me now ...

This freakin’ guy. For his first couple of seasons in Oakland, Huston Street was awesome. Then he hit a bump in the road, was ousted from his role as closer and was included in the deal with Colorado for Matt Holliday. Then in recent days we saw exactly why Oakland had ZERO qualms about trading this guy. Dude failed to nail down saves in back to back games in the NLDS. Had he completed his job, the Rockies would be facing the Dodgers on Thursday. Instead we’ve got Ryan Howard looking like a beast and the Phillies one step closer to defending their title.

Being a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I had to chance to see Street pitch a lot in person and on television. Each time he came into the game he had this Nas song playing. Kind of appropriate that the words say “You can hate me now.” I think Huston needs to clear his friggin’ head and ditch the music. I’m sure Rockies fans really do hate you right now.

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