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Mission Complete: 1999 Pacific Crown Royale Baseball

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About two years ago, I visited a card shop about 45 minutes away and picked up a slew of Pacific branded boxes. Among them was a 1999 Pacific Crown Royale box.

I’ve always loved Crown Royale and was feeling really nostalgic about it so I figured why not. At the time my son and I opened the packs and then they got tucked into a box and in the closet.

Fast forward to late last year and After my son verbally expressed he was starting to enjoy the hobby, it set off a bunch of nostalgia bells and we went to another local shop. Among the boxes for sale was another 1999 Pacific Crown Royale.

I bought it, figuring we could build the set with the cards bought two years prior.

So we ripped the box — lots of fun and talk about quality — and we ended up being four cards short.

Well, the four remaining cards arrived this week via purchases from SportLots and COMC. I’m happy to say the base set and insert sets are done.

So, I now present you with the entire base 1999 Pacific Crown Royale set with the two standard insert sets.

Pacific Nolan Ryan sets weren’t a complete waste

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If you’re a Nolan Ryan collector, your collection probably includes one SEALED Pacific set dedicated to Ryan. And when you go out buying lots of his cards, the first question you ask: How many of those are from that Pacific set?

Yes, it’s true. The Ryan Pacific set is largely a complete waste of cardboard. But there is one card in the set that will catch any collector’s attention. Card No. 92 — the one showing him with the blood running down his face.

Ryan suffered the seemingly horrific injury in 1990 after taking a batted ball to the face. At the time, no one thought more of the bloody sight other than “Ryan’s a gamer.” But if such a thing were to happen today, that player would have been yanked off the field, or a calvary of trainers and coaches would have been on the mound trying to get the bleeding to stop.

There is no shortage of iconic Ryan cards, but who would have thought that Pacific would have produced on of them in that crappy little set?

Stupid Inserts Part V: 2000 Pacific Christmas Ornaments

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If ever there was a bigger design fail, I’d like to see it. The visual appeal of these Ornament cards are great; die-cut card stock, holofoil and holiday colors make up a background where upon a player’s image is set. But the 2000 renditions of this set, the first time Pacific did them, was an epic disaster because Pacific decided to include a piece of elastic string which ultimately left every single card with a crease right down the middle.

The string can be moved, but as you can see here, it really doesn’t make much of a difference. If you look at the card from the bottom, you can see how the card stock has conformed around the string.

In 2001 Pacific went back to the well again , and the result was a much better card; this time no string was attached and the hole was made as a pop out for optional usage.