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Rookie Card Upgrade: 1978 Topps Paul Molitor / Alan Trammell

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Being a card collector in the early 1990s there were many rookie cards that I wanted then that I simply could not afford.  One of the hotter ones was the 1978 Topps rookie card of Paul Molitor and Alan Trammell. It’s been two decades since this was one of the hottest cards on the market. And over that time I managed to acquire one. The raw copy shown here.
 photo 5CA48EA8-A3EA-4056-891C-2A86B02AB2E9_zpssjuoqzad.jpg

It’s centered nicely but one corner is soft and the surface has some printing issues. The card served its purpose for about a decade but it was about time that I upgraded this classic rookie card.

I managed to acquire this BVG slabbed copy for the price of a 2016 Topps blaster. The card is a bit off center left-right, but the corners are sharp and the images in clean. That’s a win for my slabbed rookie collection. Heck, I think I may have paid about the same for the raw copy when I acquired it about a decade ago.

 photo 21A7350C-D3B7-4B5B-9B68-1D9BC037D82B_zpsursi6lb3.jpg

Thrift Treasures 92: A baggie to DYE for …

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Have you ever wondered how prevailing autographs and game-used cards are in our hobby? Well, they are so prevalent now that I occasionally find them at thrift stores.

Over the last year or so I have managed to unearth a few certified autos and GU cards in baggies just like the one pictured above.  None of them have been very valuable, but still … They are what we’ve dubbed “hits” and they’re sitting among forgotten toys.

This week I located the Baggie shown above and as you can see a foil sticker auto was peaking out at me.

Whose the auto? Well, the headline probably gave that away …

He’s not a hard auto to get, but this one is limited to 125.

There weren’t any other hits in the bag. In fact, much of it looked like this:

But it did have a 2001 Topps gold parallel numbered to … 2,001

And what appears to be the equivalent of a single retail pack of 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game. I love looking at the stats these guys complied.

Mickey Cochrane tallied a .320 batting average over a 13-year career. 

Check out Tony Perez’s 1970 stat line: 

Paul Molitor could hit … Just 3,319 which was good for a .306 career average.

Eddie Murray wasn’t too shabby either. He is a member of the 3,000 hit/500 HR club. I got to see homer number 498 during a doubleheader in Oakland late in 1996. (8/16/96, game 2)

A fellow Eddie in the 500 HR club. 1953 and 1959 were monster seasons for Eddie Mathews.

Total cost of these Treasures: $2.99

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