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Topps really hoodwinked collectors with the Million Card Giveaway

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It was billed as a

<audio for this video is screwed up … I covered the microphone by accident.>

Million Card Giveaway.  Th promotion seemed simple enough: Topps supposedly bought back the cards your mother threw away and stashed them until collectors unlocked the cards via their Web site and then asked for them to be shipped.

The condition of some of these cards have left some collectors less than satisfied.  But what’s a bigger sin is that some collectors are not even receiving the cards they unlocked or traded for.

About a month ago I received my initial package from Topps and in my post I noted that one cards, probably the most valuable card, that I unlocked was not shipped.  Instead, the shipping list stated that the card was back logged.

Initially, I was curious how a card was backlogged when the premise of the giveaway was the Topps had re-purchased these cards to giveaway.  And then about a week ago I started receiving comments and messages regarding the same card I didn’t receive, the 1961 Topps Phil Rizzuto MVP card.

Collectors who contacted me stated that they received a single 1954 Topps common instead of their Rizzuto, no one seemed happy.  And then on Tuesday I received my envelope from Topps.  I filmed my opening of the envelope as you can see above and received the same thing — a 1954 Topps common. (sidenote: the video sucks because I accidentally covered the microphone while shooting with my iPhone.)

It’s ridiculous that Topps was unable to secure a card that as been out for five decades.  And to think that collectors would be OK with a older common is a smack in the face.  And to make matter worse MY 1954 Topps Frank House card is creased and looked like someone stepped on it.  I’m not sure what condition others collectors have been receiving.

The end results of the MCG go to show that Topps cannot be trusted with its buy back program. Who knows how the current promotion — the Diamond Giveaway — will turn out.  Maybe those who unlock real rings will get a nice vintage silver plastic ring with a spider on it instead of their newly created ring holding gemstone.

To be continued …

Just when I thought it was over …

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As the year comes to a close, so does the Topps Million Card Giveaway. It’s getting to the point where everyone seems to be scrambling to unload quantities for quality. No one is being fooled. Almost no one is biting at the offers of 45 cards from 1980 to present for even a common from 1960.

Personally, it had been weeks since I’d completed a trade on the site. For all intents and purposes, I figured I was done. Of the 37 cards in my portfolio, I’d probably take delivery of a dozen or so and then cut the others lose.

And then came Scooter.

Six months ago I traded my 1956 Topps Bob Friend card for a 1967 Topps Eddie Mathews. My reasoning: A good condition vintage card of a Hall of Famer was better than a vintage semi-star. As a side note, I was able to find a 1956 Topps Bob Friend at my Local Card Shop for like $3.

Since completing that trade, I’ve received numerous offers for my 1967 card featuring an aged and balding Eddie Mathews. None of them enticed me one bit. At least not until I received this offer on Tuesday night:

My Eddie Mathews for their 1961 Phil Rizzuto HI Series.

Was this a joke? Was this some odd reprint that was being offered to me?

Nope. It was a legit offer. And I held my breath as I quickly clicked “accept” for many times in the past I saw offers that intrigued me only to have the MCG site crap out before I could complete the deal.

As you can tell, the trade went through and in a nut shell I turned by 1956 Topps Bob Friend into a sweet 1961 Topps Phil Rizzuto.  Holy Cow.


Cardboard Porn: 1948 Bowman Phil Rizzuto rookie

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Cardboard Porn: Because sometimes words just get in the way.

This is the 11th in an on-going series of card images titled “Cardboard Porn.”

Card of the Day: 1951 Bowman Phil Rizzuto

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There are certain cards that immediately stand out to people. Some people identify with the T-206 Honus Wagner card, easily recognizable as the most expensive baseball card in the hobby. Others chose the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle because it is arguably the most important “modern” card. For me, It’s this 1951 Bowman Phil Rizzuto. Why? Because this was the card I remember from Beckett Baseball Monthly when I was growing up. Continue reading