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In Memoriam: Darren Daulton: Jan. 3, 1962 – Aug. 6, 2017. 

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Darren Daulton, 1985 Fleer Update XRC 

Because Chase Utley is awesome …

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This is not pre-printed.

… I had to re-post this through the mail (TTM) success from like a year and a half ago. This is indeed an authentic Chase Utley autograph. Not pre-printed. Real. As in the Sharpie is ON TOP of the photo.

Lots of people have sent to Utley over the years, and in recent seasons, Utley has been sending back pre-printed cards like his buddy Ryan Howard. But this, my friends, is real. A card touched by greatness, signed by a World Series legend. Yes, I am the greatest. /sarcasm.


Rookie Card Showcase: 2003 Bowman’s Best Ryan Howard

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Can this card again see a boon in popularity?

Can this card again see a boon in popularity?

I’m in the midst of preparing for the 2009 Cardboard World Series,  and felt it appropriate to show off perhaps the most intriguing card you’ll see in the Series. This is Ryan Howard’s best rookie, bar none.

At one point this piece of shiny, signed cardboard was getting $600 CASH on eBay. Yes, cash. But in recent years the card has come back to Earth and rested in the range of $250 book value, or $125-$175 cash. I got mine for $160 (it’s a BGS 8.5 about 16 months ago.)

As the Phillies look to defend their 2008 World Series against either the California Angels of Anaheim of the United States or the New York Yankees, I wonder where collector’s think this Howard will go in the future.

I cannot foresee the card reaching the magical $600 plateau again, but can it increase significantly in value? Will it sustain that new price if the Phillies repeat as champions?

When Howard burst onto the seen in 2005, clubbing 22 homers in an abbreviated season en route to his Rookie of the Year award, I was shocked at how fast this card rose in popularity. The reason: Howard was already 26 when he entered the league.

Alas here we are four years later and Howard looks as good as ever. He’s got his championship ring, trophies for Rookie of the Year and MVP, as well as one for being 2009 National League Championship Series MVP. But will another piece of hardware, namely another World Series Ring, translate into additional hobby love? Somehow I am doubting this.

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Rookie Card Showcase: 1997 Bowman Jayson Werth

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Am I more of a Brandon or Dylan?

Am I more of a Brandon or Dylan?

I know the ladies love him these days, and so do male Phillies fans. But I figured you should know this: Before Werth became a slugging outfielder for Philadelphia, he was an aspiring catcher for the Orioles, a guy who spend a decade in the minors. He also appears to be a real trendy guy.

Look at the image on this 1997 Bowman rookie. He looks like he stepped right off the set for the ORIGINAL Beverly Hills 90210 and onto the baseball diamond. Of course we all know him these days as having the soul patch/landing strip thing and not those awesome sideburns. Way to go, Dylan. Or is it Brandon?

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The Opening Day Blog is Back!

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After thinking about things for a few days, I’ve decided to attempt the third annual Live Opening Day blog. As best as possible, I’ll be blogging about the happenings of the first full day of the 2009 season, from the first pitch of the first game to the last one of the latest game. If you’re unfamiliar with the Opening Day blog, check out seasons past here (2008) and here (2007). I write these things for, and this year I will do so again. I tend to write frequently, often times about whatever is on my mind. If you’re stuck at work on Monday — the REAL Opening Day — and need updates, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Got questions? Just leave a comment and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

As it is right now, I’m sitting here watching the Braves and Phillies Opening NIGHT game on ESPN and being a Brett Myers fantasy owner, I’m pissed. I’m even more perplexed by the fact that Myers is reluctant to throw his damn fastball, which sets everything else up. You know things are not going you way when Brian McCann takes you into the second deck, Jeff Francoeur lights you up and skinny-as-a-toothpick Jordan Schafer goes deep in his first Major League at-bat.

A couple things of interest:

* Did the Phillies add gold trim to their jersey patches? It looks almost Rainbow Bright-ish

*With Ryan Howard’s monster spring, where can his 2003 Bowman’s Best rookie go in terms of demand. Remember when those things wre SELLING for $600? I still feel like the $150 I paid for mine was a bargain … I guess.

*This is the most ESPN I’ve watched since 2008. Thanks to the MLB Network (MLBN) I’ve not had to change the channel for anything but a few World Baseball Classic games and this Opening Night beatdown by the Braves. (Note: Just as I wrote that sentence, Yunel Escobar launched a double that should have been a home run.)

*Poor White Sox and Royals fans. I can’t imagine what it’s like to wait all winter and spring for Opening Day and then have to wait an extra day. In case you msised it, the Royals-White Sox game scheduled for Monday has been postponed due to rain. They’ve rescheduled for Tuesday. Ugh.