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Taking the day off …

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One of my favorite things in life is to capture the events of my children using a camera.

I went to college and became a wordsmith of sorts, a newspaper reporter who used words to paint the picture. Now 10 years after a career change completely out of journalism I find myself using a camera to tell stories of my son’s Little League Team — for fun of course.

Saturday was Opening Day, our third in this league — the same place I played as a kid, the same place former MLB players Carney Lansford honed his craft as a youth.

And so I shall spend much of the next day or so looking at photos and preparing the first images for the families of the team.

For now, enjoy this image I took in the dugout.

“Comet Ball,” May 4, 2016

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I like taking pictures. I take them everyday, sometimes with my DSLR, and sometimes with my iPhone. The composition of my pictures is sometimes baseball related, but more times than not involves landscapes, clouds, the moon and sunsets.

 photo F8540F65-DB6C-4FEF-8F0D-F99A0FEACE63_zpsswk0rwcx.jpg

Today just after noon I threw a baseball in the air hoping that I could get a photo of the ball creating an eclipse look. What I wound up with was a cool shot I’m calling “Comet Ball.”

Card of the Day: 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Blue Jays Team Checklist Carlos Delgado

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There is one reason why this card was selected today. It’s the photo. Look at this picture. When was the last time you saw an actual action photo like this used on the front of your baseball card? And I’m not talking about a pitcher in motion or a batter swinging.

There’s nothing really special about this card, or for that matter this 2002 set, but this card does bring about a good question: How important are the photographs on your baseball cards?

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