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Rookie Card Showcase: 1964 Topps Tony Conigliaro

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What could have been?

Got another series of posts I’ve decided to start this week. I’m going to call it the Rookie Card Showcase. This series of posts will highlight rookie cards in my collection — sometimes with a little explanation, other times just an image.

The first card in the series is this 1964 Topps Tony Conigliaro rookie. Why? I’m hoping it will bring good karma to my Red Sox as they take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Southern California of the Southern Hemisphere of the United States of America of the planet Earth in the American League Division Series.

Conigliaro was a promising Red Sox hitter who was one of the youngest players in baseball history to collect 100 home runs.  Of course no one remembers that. They all remember the dreaded incident that happened in 1967 against the Angels when Tony C. was hit in the face with a fastball, basically ruining his career. In case you forgot, it left him looking like this.

This is the part one of an ongoing series. To see other parts in this series, click here.

Card of the Day: 1985 Fleer Sticker Philadelphia Phillies

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Neglected. Used. Unappreciated.

If I was a old school Fleer baseball sticker, that’s how I would feel. I would have been inserted into packs, just like the sticks of gum that Topps used to put in their products, but no one would ever talk about me with the same sentiment that adults express for the relationship between baseball cards and sticks of gum. Continue reading

World Series: Praying For Resolution

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Something just isn’t right about the way this World Series is going. I’m a die-hard baseball fan but have not watched an entire game. Shame on me, I know, but there are other priorities in my life, such as keeping my pregnant wife happy. She’s already sat through 11 postseason games this month, all of the ones in which the Red Sox played, so I could not put her through an entire World Series, especially one in which the two teams are those that we do not have a vested interest.

But Monday night I decided to tune in and watch what could have been the deciding game. As it turned out all I saw was a public shower.

Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1998 Bowman Chrome Refractor Troy Glaus

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I’m not going to lie, Evan Longoria’s postseason tear has been nothing less than spectacular. He’s aided his team in its quest for a World Series title, has hit six home runs over the last two weeks, and at this point could have as much hobby clout as Ryan Braun did last season in his push for the National League Rookie of the Year award. Both of their Bowman Chrome autographed rookie/prospect cards are in the $150-$200 cash value neighborhood. But what we’re seeing is nothing new. In fact, this tear reminds me of a player who once had as much pull in the hobby as Braun and Longoria — that being Troy Glaus. Continue reading

2008 Cardboard World Series

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When I was younger, I would create my own baseball diamond on poster board and then affix cards of my favorite players. From time to time, I would switch up the cards to create two fantasy all-star lineups and pit them against each other, cardboard style.

In honor of the World Series starting today, I’ve decided to put a twist on that old diagram. Instead of actually drawing one — or stealing someone’s digital version and making it my own — I decided to pit the two MLB World Series teams against each other here using cards from my collection just like the old days. Continue reading