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2011 Bowman Chrome retail results (Bryce Galore)

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I had the good fortune of getting to a Target on Wednesday just minutes after the vendor stocked the shelves with new items, including 2011 Bowman Chrome baseball.  I tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling to walk through the doors and see from about 100 feet away the sight of new packs.

So I dove in.

I bought a blaster and a few of the Value Pack Rack Packs.

The basics:  The blaster offers eight packs for $19.99 while each Value Pack offers three basic retail packs (same odds as loosies and in blasters) and a single pack of three green xfractors for $8.99.

What’s great about all of these packs is they offer a shot at the same cards that are in hobby packs, save for the superfractors.  This means the basic chrome prospect autos are available in retail packs.  Someone is going to pull a Harper Chrome Auto out of a pack at Target, or WalMart, or Kroger, or whatever. Awesome, right?

One problem:  Autographs fall one in 77 packs. They are one per box (18 packs) in hobby.

Anyway, the price points are obviously a lot more palatable than that of the hobby prices, which I imagine are eclipsing the $5 per pack point in some places.

Anyway, here are the better cards I pulled in my packs.  And yes, I actually hit an auto.

Did you know Bryce Harper is in this product?!

Calm down, I said that facetiously.

I got Bryce from the Past:

(And yes, it is dead center on both sides)

2001 Bowman Throwbacks

Bryce from the Present:

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect

And Bryce from the Future:

2011 Bowman Chrome 2021 Bowman Chrome Future

Always nice at this point to see Bryce Harper in my packs.  Too bad none of them were covered in ink. That said, I did manage to pull this auto:

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autograph Starling Marte

I know I showed off my Bryce Harper 2001 Bowman Chrome throwback above, but I also puled these two:

2011 Bowman Chrome 2001 Throwbacks Brett Lawrie

2011 Bowman Chrome 2001 Bowman Chrome Reprint Ichiro rookie

The Ichiro is the Japanese version.

But perhaps the nicest card of all came from one of my retail exclusive packs:

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green Xfractor Brett Lawrie

Dead center.  No print lines. No scratches. Just beautiful.

Topps hit nail on the head with new Chrome retail value packaging

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I’ve been a bit pre-occupied in recent days with the birth of my son to find time to blog, but today I found something that needed to be said.

Topps hit the nail on the head with its new Topps Chrome retail packaging.

On Friday, I found some time to go to Target, and there I found the new Topps Chrome, which I believe hit Hobby Shop shelves a week ago. At Target, they had the product in three forms — Blaster boxes, Gravity Feed retail packs and a new Value Pack-style rack pack as seen above.

One of the major issues with retail products in general is the fact that it is impossible to find the stuff in un-searched.

Blasters are nice, but they require you to spend $19.99 to get the packs. So you’re basically out of luck if you only want a few packs. Topps has apparently solved this issue with the new Value Packs.

As you can see, for $8.99 you get three sealed, un-searched retail packs and then a bonus packs of three orange, retail-exclusive refractors. Are you saving any money? Not really. But you are ensuring the integrity of the packs … and you get the free pack of shiny goodness.

So yeah, kudos to Topps and their packaging company.

I guess you’re wondering if I bought any? Yes. I bought one. Not really in a position to go nuts on cards right now, plus retail Topps Chrome is rough. Odds on rookie autographs in retail? 1 in 171 packs. Ouch. Hobby odds I believe are 1 in 12 packs.

The three free refractors are a pretty cool touch. They come in a see-through package that can easily be searched once outside the main seal. But while inside it is impossible. Again, loving this. My pack contained theseKila Ka’aihue (RC), Kevin Russo (RC), Aaron Hill.

Out of my three main packs, I pulled three refractors, including two purple (1:12 packs) refractors serial numbered /599 and a XFractor (1:3). Also five rookie logo cards.

It’s tough to judge a product based on three packs, retail ones at that. But the “fun” factor was solid. Would I recommend these for others? Depends on the type of collector you are. A few packs here and there won’t; just don’t go overboard thinking you’re getting a steal.

Cardboard Porn: 2010 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor Dustin Ackley

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Cardboard Porn: Because sometimes words just get in the way.

This is the seventh in an on-going series of card images titled “Cardboard Porn.”

Box Break: 2009 Topps Retail Mini Cereal Box

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2009toppscerealMade a trip to the shop today to buy cards, but wound up purchasing only supplies. So I stopped at Toys R Us on the way home and walked away with one of these 2009 Topps Retail Mini Cereal Boxes — not to be confused with the hobby cereal boxes, which contain a cool binder and sheets. It was a fresh case of 12 boxes so I had my choice of Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth or Ted Williams. Because I’m a Sox fan you know damn well I’m choosing Teddy Ballgame. I figure even if the contents of the box suck, the packaging will serve as a cool little decoration for my work desk. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1997 Bowman’s Best International Preview Atomic Refractor Mariano Rivera

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Refractors are a beautiful thing. In their basic form the refractor coating on the card catches the light in a certain way, and suddenly every man has an appreciation for the colors of the rainbow. OK, that’s a little fru-fru, but you know it’s true. Refractors look awesome. But in 1997 the Topps company started a new refractor, the Atomic Refractor, something very similar to today’s X-Fractor. Continue reading