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Card of the Day: 1963 Topps Tom Tresh

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About a year ago, I purchased a very odd auction for about $3. The auction featured a poor title, and very fuzzy picture, but there was one card I could make out — one of those 2007 Topps Derek Jeter cards featuring Mickey Mantle and George Bush. The card at the time was still selling for $15 alone, so I bought to lot in order to re-sell the Jeter card. But when the lot of cards arrived, I found another treasure, this 1963 Topps Tom Tresh. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1990 Upper Deck Kevin Maas rookie

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**Note: With the All-Star game taking place this week at Yankee Stadium, I will spend the next several days showcasing cards from my Yankee collection.

The Yankees have always produced legends. Ruth. Gehrig. Mantle. But for each one of those guys who have had their names, faces and resumes engraved in bronze and placed in Monument Park, there are dozens of other legends whose accomplishments, or lack thereof, are engrained in the minds of fans and particularly of baseball card collectors. In 1990, the hobby had two major budding superstars: Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas. But at Yankee Stadium there was another youngster with apparent Ruthian power trying to make a name for himself. That was Kevin Maas. Continue reading