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Card of the Day: 1969 Topps Bob Gibson World Series Highlight

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1969toppsbobgibsonfrontEver since the MLB Network went live in January, it seems as if a night doesn’t go by without there being some reference to Bob Gibson, the great Cardinals pitcher. Most recently, it seems the network has been running on a loop the highlights of the 1968 World Series, the Fall Classic that featured Bob Gibson and the Cardinals against Al Kaline and the Detroit Tigers. In Game One, Gibson struck out a record 17 hitters.

About two weeks ago, while wasting time on eBay, I stumbled upon this beautiful little card that commemorates that performance. The cost: $1. Truthfully, this thing isn’t worth much; Beckett has it listed at $8 and if you really wanted one, I’m sure you could find one for the same price I bought my copy. But as it turns out, this is my first vintage Bob Gibson card. I’m still aiming to add his 1959 Topps rookie to my collection, but I’m not going to be doing that any time soon. For the time being, this card will have to do.

As a side note, this card has a story to go with it. I actually forgot about this card after I paid for it. And I did not remember it until the seller contacted me apologizing for delayed shipping. The reason: She was busy helping her brother move out of Arkansas where tornadoes recently hit. Continue reading

Thrift Treasures Part V: Now You’re Playing With Power

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109_1318Tuesday marked my four week anniversary since my last purchase of a baseball card pack or box. It’s a small victory in my journey to cut spending on crappy wax that never seems to satisfy my hunger for cards.

So what did I do? I went shopping … at thrift stores. Below you’ll find some awesome deals, and not always of the baseball card variety. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1964 Topps Giant Sandy Koufax

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You thought those 1989 Bowman cards were hard to store? Try protecting these badboys. These vintage 1964 Topps Giant cards measure a whopping 3 1/8 by 5 1/4, and to my knowledge, there still is no great way to store them. I think you need to have a postcard-size toploader, but even then there is some wiggle room.

But the reason I chose this card to write about today is not because of it’s abnormal size, although the topic of card storage is something I’ll probably discuss at some point. The reason for this post is to discuss how I obtained this card (at a flea market), and to share a quick story from Saturday. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2004 Topps Postseason Highlights Aaron Boone

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I’m going to cheat a bit here and double dip. I wrote the following piece for my other blog and felt it was worth sharing here as well. Enjoy.

I can’t help it. Every time I see Tim Wakefield, I think of 2003. I think of Aaron Boone. I think of a floating knuckle ball that never hits the catcher’s mitt. I think of lost dreams and heartbreak. And I know I can’t be the only one. Boston fans have had much to cheer about since 2004, but you can’t tell me that all is well in your in mind when you see Terry Francona send Wakefield to the hill every fifth day. You can’t tell me that disaster is not the first thing on your mind. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2001 Topps Combos Don Drysdale / Kevin Brown / Sandy Koufax

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When I pulled this card to write about it, my initial reaction was that Kevin Brown had no place among Hall of Famers like Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax. My focus was to be about why I think it is ridiculous to pair today’s stars with hall of famers, particularly ones as good as Drysdale and Koufax. But something clicked when I started looking at the players’ statistics: All three of these players were good, damn good. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2005 Topps All-Time Favorites Jim Beckett

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When you think of some of baseball’s all-time favorites, there is a litany of people who come to mind. Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, Babe Ruth, Brooks Robinson and so on. But how about Jim Beckett? Who you ask? Beckett, as in the founder of Beckett price guide magazines. One time only, Topps produced a baseball card for the hobby’s father of price guides, and while it follows the same design as the real 2005 Topps All-Time favorite cards, these Beckett cards were only inserted into magazines. Continue reading