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Topps’ replacement package, teen melowdrama, and trade list

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This is just wrong ...

When I stay home sick from work, there are a few things that are a given: I’ll check my work e-mail even though I don’t have to, I’ll watch a few episodes of Saved By The Bell or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I’ll probably find time to write one quick blog post. I’m now on the last leg of this trio of activities.

As it pertains to the TV shows, how on earth did TBS manage to run two of the most serious episodes of these two series on the same day? Freakin’ AC Slater couldn’t play in the home coming game he was hurt during a drunken crash after a toga party; and the topic of the episode of Fresh Price revolved around Ashley losing her virginity. WTF, dude! Where’s the comedy here? A good laugh always makes me feel better, not this teenage melowdrama.

Whatever. On to more serious matters like baseball cards.

Last Friday I received a replacement package from Topps that included corrections for a pair of collecting violations committed by the card giant.

A little background. A month ago I received 2009 Topps Ser. 1 WBC redemption card of Gift Ngoepe. The card was late, and it was off-center so I was pissed, which I chronicled in this post.

And then about a week later I purchased my second and final Topps Allen & Ginter blaster from Target. The box is supposed to have eight packs, but only contained six. The shortage of packs pissed me off and pretty much sent me into a three-week card buying strike. OK, maybe strike is the wrong term. I kind of wised up to the fact that there was nothing on the shelves that would make me happy.

Anyway, so I sent a pair of letters to Topps along with my off-center Ngoepe and the wrappers from the Blaster, and on Friday — less than 10 days after I mailed my package — I received my replacements. That is what I call service.

The Ngoepe is in good shape, nicely centered. I’m also happy to report that Topps used a penny sleeve in the top loader, unlike the fulfillment company that initially sent me the card.


And Topps also sent my two packs, which broke down as follows:

Pack 1) Gavin Floyd, Felix Hernandez, Mini Justin Verlander, Edgar Renteria, Anna Tunnicliffe, National Pride Robinson Cano

Pack 2) Elvis Andrus, Alex Rodriguez, Mini Simpson/Bunker, Dexter Fowler, Jay Bruce, National Pride Felix Hernandez, National Price Jake Peavy


Topps is back in my good graces, but there is still nothing on the shelves worth buying at the moment. Hell, I even resisted a trip to the card shop this weekend. One of Mario’s posts at Wax Heaven a few days ago kind of made me think about what I am doing, which has aided in my actions, or lack thereof. My collection isn’t nearly as big as the one pictured, but it is in a disorderly state. For the last several weeks I’ve been working on putting an extensive tradelist in an Excel spreadsheet, and documenting my Red Sox collection in the same way. This process is lengthy, tiresome and tedious, but must be done.

800+ cards posted


Note that the spreadsheet is sorted three ways:

By year, player’s last name and team.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be looking to make some trades with team collectors who are looking to dish their Red Sox cards for cards from their favorite teams. The cards I have to offer pretty much cover the last four decades. Speak up now  if you’re interested.

I’ve already got people lined up for Dodgers and Orioles. I’ve got a sizeable lot of Cleveland Indians ready to roll now.

Thrift Treasures Part III: Bang for your Buck

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3treasuresguillenMonday’s are always tough for me. That’s usually when I get the itch to buy some new cards. But this week I did good. Instead of blowing my hard-earned cash on some blaster with astronomical odds, I headed back to the thrift store in search of some bargains. So here we are, Part 3 of Thrift Treasures. Again, 20 cards, $1. Continue reading