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Are Goodwin Champion minis underrated?

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So the other day I completed a small trade for some minis from Topps Allen & Ginter, as well as UD Goodwin Champions. Among them were two black border parallels — a 2009 Allen & Ginter Albert Pujols and a 2009 Goodwin Joe Mauer. These two cards reminded me of a thought I had late last year — are Goodwin minis underrated?

Allen & Ginter gets a lot of love because people dig A&G with a passion. But what about Goodwin? Sure, it has been treated as an A&G knockoff, but truth is UD’s Goodwin line is a rendition of an old tobacco brand, just like Topps’ A&G.

The thing I like about the Goodwin cards is that there is a sense of realism about them. Aside from the cloudy background, UD used actual pictures on their cards, where as Topps’ ran the images through a filter on some photo editing software to get this artistic feel.

I suppose it’s a matter of taste; there really is no wrong answer as to which is better because they both are good-looking cards. I just think that Goodwin may not have gotten the credit it was due. Afterall, UD’s brand was cheaper and did have minis of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Alex Ovechkin and Smarty Jones last year — all of which look pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Three Pack 2009 Goodwin Champions Retail Break

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GoodwinPacksIt’s clear to me that 2009 Goodwin Champions is going to be my cheapo baseball card fix for the rest of the year. Priced at $1.99 per pack (4 cards per), I don’t feel too guilty about buying a couple packs whenever I am at a big box store. I just need to stay away from those blasters — $19.99 is a hard pill to swallow these days.

Pack 1: Ted Williams, Paul Molitor, Koji Uehara MINI, Buffalo Bill Cody

Another one for the Red Sox collection

Another one for the Red Sox collection

Pack 2: Hiroki Kuroda, Smarty Jones MINI, Carlos Delgado BLACK MINI, Adrian Peterson Anniversary card

I love this card ... and I am not even a horse racing mark.

I love this card ... and I am not even a horse racing mark.

Good opportunity to show off the back of the black minis.

Good opportunity to show off the back of the black minis.

Pack 3: Evelyn Ng (poker player), Chris Volstad, Albert Pujols MINI, Matt Holiday.


Comments: Three packs, 12 total cards — 8 baseball players, a poker player, a football player, a “Wild West Showman” and a fucking horse. This stuff is awesome. In all seriousness, this is the kind of enjoyment I like out of cheapo packs. I loved the Teddy Ballgame in pack No. 1, loved the contents of Pack No. 2 — the Smarty Jones is pretty kick ass, even though I am not a horse racing guy — and the Pujols Mini in Pack No. 3 was worth the price of admission, to use a cliche. I have an affinity to Pujols cards — base cards, parallels, inserts, game-used, whatever. I love them ALL.