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Thrift Treasures 110: SI For Kids … For Me. 

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Sometimes when I donate cards to my local thrift stores, I like to go back a week later to see what they’ve priced them at.  Usually they grab a handful, stick then in a bag and then put a $3-$5 price tag on it.

And every now and again when I’m looking at these bag, often Filled with cars I owned, I come across ones that weren’t donated by me.

A few days ago I found one with a stack of Sports Illustrated For Kids cards. I buy these if I see a name that sticks out to me. In this case, I could see the name of Bryce Harper.  I figured I’d buy it as I didn’t own the 2012 SI For Kids card.

The Harper was the highlight of the bag, but there also was a cool card of women’s soccer player Alex Morgan. In all there were more than 20 of the SI For Kids cards. 

The find isn’t of any great value but still a neat little haul for the price of a retail pack. 

Total cost of this Thrift Treasure: $2.99.

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Icon-O-Clasm: 1990 SI For Kids Ken Griffey Jr

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Thrift Treasures XLII: “The Baseball Bubble Trouble”

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“The most furious trading in the U.S. nowadays goes on not on Wall Street or the Chicago grain market but among youngsters out to collect a connoisseur’s fistful of baseball trading cards.  The cards come as dividends with the purchase of a one-cent or five-cent package of bubble gum.  But the dividend seems to have more pull than the puff-and-pop stuff.” — Sports Illustrated, Aug. 16, 1954.

That’s the opening paragraph from Sports Illustrated writer Martin Kane’s piece titled “The Baseball Bubble Trouble,” which appeared in the very first issue of Sports Illustrated. The article documents the legal woes in 1954 between gum manufacturers Topps and Haelan Laboratories. (Note: has the entire article available for your reading HERE)

Before this week, I knew one thing about the first edition of the popular sports magazine:  It contained a tri-fold of reprinted 1954 Topps cards, something that I have been wanting to get a hold of.

Well,  look who finally got one … from a thrift store! Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1915 Cracker Jack Shoeless Joe Jackson (RP-1993)

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cjcrackerThere are a few things I am certain of when it comes to cards: 1) I will never be happy with what I’ve got, and 2) there are certain cards I know I will never own. As it pertains to the latter point, the 1915 Cracker Jack Shoeless Joe Jackson card, currently valued at $20,000 in so-so condition, is one of the unattainables. Continue reading