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Thrift Treasures 100: Foul Ball! 50-year-old Game-Used MLB ball

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Well, I made it to the century mark for Thrift Treasures posts.  Honestly, I’ve been slippin’ in terms of posting these.  Such is life I suppose.

Anyhow, today I present to you an item I unearthed in a antique store in San Jose, Calif.

Tucked in a bucket of baseballs within a locked showcase was this Pres. William Giles Spalding baseball with the side panel inscribed “St. Louis Ball Fouled in LF Stands Sept. 29, 65.”


Such an inscription is one that is typical of an era gone by when people physically wrote in their memorabilia in stead of writing the details elsewhere.  Does it devalue the item? That’s a personal preference I suppose.

Anyhow, I saw the inscription on the ball and decided to make the ball mine, without even checking the box score for the game the ball is associated with.

After buying the ball I started my research. 

First off, Warren Giles balls sell for a decent price, so I was already pleased with the fact that au could add such a cool ball to my collection at $35, which seemed like a steal.

But the game is what adds intrigue.  The Cardinals played the San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park that day, and the Cardinals went on to win the game.

Hall of Famer Bob Gibson started the game and earned his 19th win of the season. In the game Gibson also hit a GRAND SLAM off Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry. Let THAT sink in.

Anyhow, it’s unclear what St Louis player supposedly fouled this ball into the stands, or at what point the play occurred. 

As for the ball itself, it’s in great shape and has a scuff, probably from when the ball was struck with a bat, or when it bounced in the dirt before getting into the stands.  

On a side note, there was a piece of paper in the bucket that listed the details of the ball and the prices. The list showed that there had previously been for sale a ball struck by Giants player Frank Linzy. 

Total cost of this Treasure: $35

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Two-time MLB Triple Crown Winner Rogers Hornsby added to the ‘Icons collection

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This hobby is funny.  So many of us get caught up in the day-to-day grind of buying packs and looking for the good stuff, only to put stacks of cards away with the idea that we will sort them later. And we all know that rarely gets done as planned.

I’m now in the midst of what I’m calling the Great Purge of 2015, which is basically code for getting rid of almost all non-PC items. I did this once before in 2010 and ended up using the proceeds from the sale to buy a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card.

Well, I do have my eyes set on something big for my collection, but the other day I was thinking about the fact that I don’t have a single good card of Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby in my collection.

I was eying a relic card, but what I really wanted was something old. Something that could eventually make its way into my showcase.

Hornsby’s first documented card was produced in 1917 and over the following decade and a half he had a few others produced, which made things tricky when it came to deciding which one I wanted to add to my collection. 

I had to decide between buying a card showcasing a artist rendition — a poor one at that — or Hornsby, or a card that showed a picture of him.

Ultimately I settled on this 1927 York Caramels card of Hornsby, which is one of the nicer and not-so-easy to find of his cards from his playing days

Do you realize that Hornsby not only won the Triple Crown, but he did it twice, one of only two players to achieve the feat more than once. The other guy was Ted Williams.  

Additionally, Hornsby finished his career 70 hits shy of the magical 3,000 mark, tallied a .358 career batting average, three times led the league in batting with an average over .400, and twice was voted the Most Valuable Player of his league.  Oh, and he wasn’t elected to the Hall of Fame until his fifth year of eligibility. Crazy. 

An Auto A Day … #3

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They always say that catchers make the best managerial candidates.

Mike Matheny, a four-time Gold Glove catcher who spent 13 years as a Major Leaguer, essentially went straight from behind the plate to being on the top step of the dug out calling the shots.  His career was cut short as a member of the San Francisco Giants after suffering a series of concussions.  Now he’s the leader of St. Louis Cardinals, an organization that always to seems to find itself in the mix of things at the end of the season.


Matheny has a handful of rookie cards from 1994, including Bowman, Select, Sporftlics Rookie/Traded and Ultra.  And like many other major leaguers from his time, he has really one certified autograph according to He has a base 1996 Leaf Signature (shown here)  along with two parallels of the same card.  Beckett also shows him as being part of a 2014 Topps Triple Threads auto with Travis D’Arnaud and Ivan Rodriguez, although I haven’t seen any evidence of the card actually existing. If you’ve seen it, let me know.


Rookie Card Showcase: 1995 Bowman Chris Carpenter

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Who would have thought this guy would be a CY Young Award winner?

This is why I keep ALL prospect and rookie cards -- you just never know.

I’m going to double-dip today with Cardinals pitchers because I wanted to show some respect to a card that spent a lot of time in a common box but managed to stay mint long enough for me to unearth it.

Here we’ve got the 1995 Bowman Chris Carpenter rookie. It’s not a highly valuable card, but it’s refreshing to find these “older” obscure rookies of some of today’s best players.

I think I only purchased two or three 1995 Bowman packs and I managed to pull a Vlad Guerrero. Unbeknownst to me, I also pulled a rookie card of a future CY Young Award winner.

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Rookie Card Showcase: 2000 Topps Traded Adam Wainwright

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They told me to stop smiling, but how could I? I've been told that within a decade's time, I will be a Cy Young Award winner.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this should be your 2009 National League Cy Young Award winner. He also should be the winner of Game 2 of the NLDS versus the Dodgers, but we won’t go there, right, Mr. Matt Holliday Mr. Ryan Franklin?

What Wainwright accomplished during the 2009 regular season was simply spectacular. He won 19 games, posted a 2.63 ERA, struck out 212 batters and posted a strikeout to walk ratio close to 4:1. Tim Lincecum and Wainwright’s teammate Chris Carpenter deserve looks for the CY Young award as well, but Wainwright should be the winner.

The Cardinals stud is shown here on a 2000 Topps Traded rookie card, available only in factory sets. Wainwright, formerly of the Braves, only has a handful of rookie cards, none of which are horribly expensive. He also has a Chrome version of this card, which I do not own.

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