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Blaster Break: 2009 Upper Deck Baseball Series One

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2009udstarquestjeterWhen the 2009 baseball products began hitting shelves earlier this month, I told myself I’d buy one hobby box of Topps and won’t even touch Upper Deck. For some reason I’d become a bitter collector who all but banished any base Upper Deck product from my home. Well, I’ve got to admit something, the ’09 Upper Deck base cards look pretty damn good; I figured I’d snatch up a few retail packs if I saw them– If anything I could use them for TTM requests. Well, I still have not found single retail packs, but I did find a blaster, which offers a guaranteed jersey card. I bought it, telling myself this was the one and only. Blaster results within … Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Starquest Ultra Rare Alex Rodriguez

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So in my previous post I noted that I pulled this card from a retail blister pack along with an Presidential Predictor of Hillary Clinton v. John McCain. Initially I was thrilled about the Rodriguez. I saw a scratch-off code on the pack and some instructions, and the words “Ultra Rare” typed at the top, and figured I’d won something. Continue reading