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Never going to give you up …

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Every now and again we make moves within our collection that we ultimately come to regret. For me it’s the selling of both Mike Trout Autograph cards I had in my possession.

It started in 2013 or so when I managed to pull a Trout auto from 2012 Panini Signature series. It was a damn good pull, but the fact that the signature was on t-shirt material bothered me. I held it for a few years but ultimately sold it around 2014 when I got the opportunity to purchase a BGS 9 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft auto of Trout.

So I moved into THE Trout autograph to own, only in 2017 the market for him became so hot — and I needed money — so I decided to sell my Chrome auto for almost 10 times what I paid into it.

Since then I’d been pining for a Trout auto, and over the summer I acquired via COMC a 2013 Panini America’s Pastime Superstar Scripts dual auto of he and Stephen Strasburg. That card featured a bold signature and was serial numbered to 10. I jokingly posted it for triple what I paid … and someone bought it. It was a handsome profit for me, but again I was without his signature.

Alas last week I was on eBay an ai located an listing for a rarer version of the aforementioned Trout-Strasburg dual auto … this one was limited to three.

I added it to my watch list and a few hours later for one of those solicitations to purchase the card with a discount. I snapped it up.

Saturday morning the mail came early, and with the stack of typical mail was a padded envelope carrying the Trout-Strasburg serial numbered 1/3.

While this card does not carry logos — because Panini didn’t and still doesn’t have an MLB license — it’s still a glorious example. First off, this product was expensive and one of my favorites. Secondly, it’s an early on-card auto; a Topps card of this caliber might fetch a multiple of what I landed this for. And lastly, Strasburg and Trout are really the two bookends of the 2010s do this hobby.

Strasburg’s inclusion in 2010 Products really propelled Bowman to the front of everyone consciousness on a level we hadn’t seen. It’s always been popular but that year The mania around the flame thrower was really something else. And of course Trout became the face of the modern baseball hobby. In short, it’s an absolutely piece of modern cardboard icons.

So my intention is to not let this one go now that it’s in my hands and in my collection.

Instagram Portrait: 1909-11 T206 Walter Johnson / 2010 Topps Chrome Refractor Autographs Stephen Strasburg

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“We’ve come a long way …”

Clearance retail Chrome hitting stores; Strasburg rookie auto refractor pulled

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Who doesn’t love a deal, especially when they come in the form of marked-down collectible baseball cards.

True clearance prices for sealed packs of baseball cards in a retail setting are rarely seen. Most stores blow through product before there is a chance for it to sit around. And in the cases where stock has collected dust, the packs are sent back to the distributor and then they are repackaged in another form.

And in the occasions where cards are marked down, they usually are brands that are not super appealing. Well, in some Toys R Us stores right now, you might find something that is appealing — 2010 Topps Chrome baseball, and in some places 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball.

The 2010 rookie class is one that continues to be at the front of the hobby even two years later.

Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg, Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro, Braves outfielder Jason Heyward, Marlins outfielder Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton and Indians catcher Carlos Santana are the five names that led that fairly deep rookie card class. And in Topps chrome you have a shot at their rookie cards, as well as signed versions that can be worth big money.

Toys R Us appears to have been restocked with loads of 2010 Topps Chrome rack packs which feature three sealed retail packs (4 cards per pack) and a retail exclusive pack of three orange refractor parallel cards. The original price on these packs was $9.99. These are now available to you for $4.99.

And while the odds for any autograph are tough, and the chances to land one of the aforementioned five rookie studs are even worse, the opportunity is there. And no one is passing up that chance when it comes at basically $1.66 a pack.

I’ve visited three Toys R Us stores this week and found Topps Chrome in each of them, and in one store I actually located a blaster of 2010 Bowman Chrome for $12.99. (I opened it, it was bad …. really, really, bad.)

Needless to say I cleared out all of the Topps Chrome packs, and it is always fun to look back and see this many refractors.

And those rookies? Yeah, pulled a few of those too:

Even a few shiny ones:

But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the feeling when you beat the odds and pull the main card in the set from a retail pack:

2010 Topps Chrome Refractor Autograph Stephen Strasburg /499

Happy hunting.

Cardboard Icons: The notes column edition

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It’s been almost a week since my last post. I feel horrible. Really, I do.

As some of you may know, I’ve moved yet again and am in the process of unpacking. This move, however, is going to impact my collecting habits once again, and very soon there will be The Purge Part II. I’ve kind of started (see eBay link on the home page — click the banner) but there will be more to come.

A couple of things before I get back to my home life:

*Topps 206 seemed to have come out a bit earlier this year. And except for the addition for Stephen Strasburg, it pretty much feels the same as it did last year. That said, I opened a few packs and want to unload the base cards and SPs for any and all baseball minis you may have. Working on this set — or Allen & Ginter? — hit me up.

*Speaking of Strasburg: I know I bought my fair share of 2010 Bowman hunting for Strasburg rookies, but I do not feel as though I threw my money in the trash. Sure, the phenom will be on the shelf for about 18 months, but I had a ton of fun busting this stuff, and I have a fair share of shiny goodness, like …

*Aroldis Chapman. I missed the boat on this by a few hours. I meant to post a lot on eBay a day before he got called up but didn’t because of the packing process. In the end I posted a lot that failed to sell. Boo.

*On that note: Wednesday was the last day of eBay’s one-month free auction listings. I posted stuff over the last week and a half or so at starting prices I thought were fair. The result? One sold out of a dozen auctions. Damnit. Ebay has been frustrating lately. Lots of stuff out there from which you can chose, meaning less sales for most of us.

*A few weeks ago I discussed — for the 154th time — changing the way I store my cards. I’m officially in the process of switching to binders. They take up less room, and it is more practical given my current and future situation. Sometimes I just want to flip through some cards without lugging a massive box of cards in top loaders from one room to another. There are dangers with binders, however, which I plan to write about later this week. Have a good story.

*Football: I’m all over the place, I know, but I learned several years ago that “notes” columns can be useful. Believe it or not, I’m actually excited about the forthcoming season. I still can’t identify with any of the players, and my favorite team — the Bills — will still suck, but I am looking forward to watching the games for what they are worth. Well, that and I got hooked into a sweet pick ’em league.

*Topps football: This product hit shelves a few weeks ago and being the card degenerate that I am I busted a few packs even though I don’t collect the sport. The results: lots of rookies, none of which are worth a damn. Best one was probably Toby Gerhart and a CJ Spiller Wal-Mart exclusive thing.

*About five years ago I sold off my “entire” football collection, but I held some stuff back, namely my Peyton Manning rookies and my 1981 Joe Montana rookie. I think I will sell my Mannings (Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Upper Deck) this year and take the money and buy something in baseball — maybe a Bob Gibson rookie, or another original T206 HOFer. Montana? Not going anywhere.

*Speaking of “Joe Cool,” if you’ve yet to look at my eBay auctions, I’ve got a sweet lot containing two game tickets (Goal Line, baby!) from SuperBowl XIX and a game program up for sale. Montana was the MVP of that SuperBowl. I’ve also added a Montana jersey in the lot.

*Whenever I think of Montana, I always think of his successor, Steve Young. No worries, not pitching any items for sale here. Just wanted to note that I saw Young on NFL Network the other day on the Top 100 Players in the History of the NFL — great series. I’ve professed my love for the MLB Network a few times since it started almost two years ago, but NFL Films really has done the absolute greatest job of creating a cinematic experience with sporting events from the past. You feel the passion and drama.

OK, that is all for now. Just a quick reminder that I am on Twitter. I’m more active there, although it has been slow lately since I can’t seem to find an app/client that works on my BlackJack2. Yes, I know, that is soooo 2009.

And another Strasburg Topps Million Card?

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The Topps Million Card Giveaway site just came up after maintenance. Looks like someone struck it rich again. — 4:04 p.m. Pacific. That’s two in two days … none of which are mine.