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36 Times Dope: YO! MTV Raps Box Break (Part VI)

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The sixth installment of this 36-part series brings us the first appearance of the S1Ws, KRS-One and a group that has gained my respect, almost 20 years after their existence.

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Thoughts on `The Shield’ series finale

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vicVic Mackey is a free man, sort of …

If you’re a fan of The Shield and you didn’t watch the series finale Tuesday night on FX, I am sorry for ruining it for you. Then again, if you’re a fan and haven’t watched the finale, but you’re reading my blog — traditionally one about baseball cards — then maybe you’re not much of a fan. Or maybe you just can’t get enough of Cardboard Icons. It’s OK, I understand. I’ll get back to cards later, but for now enjoy my recap and thoughts on the finale of The Shield. Continue reading

Water is the Devil for card collectors

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My mother always told me, “If it’s important to you, then get it off the floor.”  She said this several times to me when I was younger, mainly because I always had stacks of cards on the floor as I strived to have things in an orderly fashion.

Well, Sunday night, not two hours after learning about my “promotion” in the blogosphere, I learned my lesson the hard way: A hose on my washer broke free and running water spilled onto the floor of the garage, the “room” where I store the vast majority of my cards.   Continue reading