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Thrift Treasures XLVII: The Detroit Lions Were A `Super Team’ in 1993

Posted in Thrift Treasures with tags , , , , , on July 2, 2012 by Cardboard Icons

One of the things I absolutely love about thrifting is that you really never know what you’re going to find.

Take this little baggie of cards for instance:

At first glace, I could see a cool 1993 Stadium Club Detroit Lions Super Team insert card on top and a handful of Pokemon and Pocket Monster cards within the package. The gaming cards do nothing for me, so I won’t even mention them here.  But the card shown above did.  I mean, I literally found this a week after my recent Beckett Sports Card Monthly article hit shelves.  In that article I mentioned that the Super Team set (baseball, anyway) was one of my favorite inserts of the 1990s.

So I paid what you see above, 49 cents, to own this.  But when I opened the baggie, it was clear that this was no ordinary card.

It’s a sealed set!  This was the redeemed, WINNER! version.  These sealed sets were mailed to holder of the 1993 Stadium Club Super Team Detroit Lions card.  The bearer of the card mailed it in and in a few weeks time, this fine package was sent in return.  Each of the cards within are identical to the base card only it has a “Division Winner” stamp.

In case you’re wonder whose on back.  It’s Jason Hanson.

But now there is a dilemma.  Do I open it, scan each card and then try to move the set?  Or do I leave it sealed in all its glory?

While I’d like to see this beautiful card …

… I also do not want to end up looking at this …

… so I think I answered my own question.

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