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World Series: Praying For Resolution

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Something just isn’t right about the way this World Series is going. I’m a die-hard baseball fan but have not watched an entire game. Shame on me, I know, but there are other priorities in my life, such as keeping my pregnant wife happy. She’s already sat through 11 postseason games this month, all of the ones in which the Red Sox played, so I could not put her through an entire World Series, especially one in which the two teams are those that we do not have a vested interest.

But Monday night I decided to tune in and watch what could have been the deciding game. As it turned out all I saw was a public shower.

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Card of the Day: 1997 Bowman’s Best International Preview Atomic Refractor Mariano Rivera

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Refractors are a beautiful thing. In their basic form the refractor coating on the card catches the light in a certain way, and suddenly every man has an appreciation for the colors of the rainbow. OK, that’s a little fru-fru, but you know it’s true. Refractors look awesome. But in 1997 the Topps company started a new refractor, the Atomic Refractor, something very similar to today’s X-Fractor. Continue reading

2008 Cardboard World Series

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When I was younger, I would create my own baseball diamond on poster board and then affix cards of my favorite players. From time to time, I would switch up the cards to create two fantasy all-star lineups and pit them against each other, cardboard style.

In honor of the World Series starting today, I’ve decided to put a twist on that old diagram. Instead of actually drawing one — or stealing someone’s digital version and making it my own — I decided to pit the two MLB World Series teams against each other here using cards from my collection just like the old days. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1992 Stadium Club Wade Boggs

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Running short on time today so I’m going to keep this short. Take a look at this Wade Boggs 1992 Stadium Club. I didn’t even realize this thing existed until I pulled it from a monster box I bought at a local thrift shop for $20. The box contained a bunch of star cards, Griffey, Thomas, etc., but there were a few odd-ball cards and weird looking issues — like this Boggs– that piqued my interest. Today I share this card because of what it depicts, as well as the outcome of last night’s Game Four match between the Boston Red Sox and Anaheim Angels, and Boggs’ link between the Red Sox and their American League Championship Series foes, the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. Continue reading