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Collecting Kershaw: Of course this happened… and that’s why we don’t make definitive statements

Posted in Collecting Kershaw with tags , , , , on February 29, 2020 by Cardboard Icons

About a week and a half ago I sent out a tweet mentioning that I planned to write a piece about how I generally no longer chase autographs of the guys I personally collect. In my case that’s Roger Clemens and Clayton Kershaw.

No less than 24 hours I sent the tweet, and much before I sat down to write anything, I received a message from my Good Friend Tom out of Las Vegas.

Of course he hit area of my Kershaw collection I had failed to cover: a 2005 Team USA autograph.

The price tag said $75, and before I could even really respond, Tom said he’d already worked the shop down to $60.

Of course I had to own it at that price.

I would have preferred a single-signed Team USA Kershaw autograph but for the price It was good — and it doesn’t exactly hurt that the other player on the card is an all-star, Yankees reliever Dellin Betances.

I’ve still not written my autograph piece, and I will cover all of my philosophical thoughts here, but even though I feel somewhat hypocritical based on my tweet, I’m happy to have added this one to my collection — and really happiness is all that matters.

It’s now one of three Kershaw autos that I consider to be head and shoulders above the rest.

The others?

The 2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor /500 that I personally pulled from a blaster at WalMart that year, and the 2016 Stadium Club because the moment depicted in that autograph card is one I experienced in person — I was there the night Kershaw tossed a 1-hitter in San Francisco in 2015 to clinch the National League West title.

Happy Fourth! My three game-used USA Flag patch cards

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Happy Fourth of July, folks.

Quick post here showing a few pictures of the three 2009 Upper Deck Premier Materials Team USA Cap Flag Patch cards I’ve managed to acquire. LOVE these cards.  All three of these cards feature a flag patch taken from a cap worn by the pictured player.

Chad Bettis, 1/4

Andy Wilkins, 2/4

Blake Forsythe, 3/4

Did Topps put the final nail in UD’s baseball card coffin?

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Without a doubt you’ve heard today that Major League Baseball Properties and Upper Deck have reached a settlement in their pending lawsuit. In a nutshell, UD cannot produce baseball cards in the future showing any MLBP logos without permission. This means no action shots with jersey logos or team names exposed. It also means that any release that UD had already in the works cannot be sold.

But what I am wondering is how this settlement was influenced by Topps announcement earlier in the day that it now owns the exclusive rights to produce baseball cards of Team USA Baseball.

For nearly a decade, Upper Deck was the exclusive producer of USA Baseball cards. With Topps now taking that license away from them (indirectly) it almost seems as if Upper Deck really had little to fight for, and thus we have the settlement.

To me it seems as if UD could have used the license with Team USA to produce cards of hobby phenom Bryce Harper and other youngsters and inserted those cards into any of the unlicensed sets to give them some appeal to most collectors. But since they are no longer able to produce such cards, there really was little that UD had to offer in the sport other than unlicensed cards.

Now it is entirely possible that the two issues have nothing to do with one another, but I find the timing of all of this kind of odd. Thoughts?