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An Auto A Day … #6

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I’ve got a thing for former players who turn manager/coach. This is not a new trend, but it’s interesting for me to see this these days as I clearly remember some of the players-turned managers/coaches when they first came into Major League Baseball.


Such is the case with Torey Lovullo. He was somewhat of a prospect with the Tigers. The thing I remember most about him was having rookie cards in 1989 products … I pulled a ton of them while hunting for Griffey rookies of course. He spent part of eight seasons in the Majors with seven different teams before ending his MLB career in 1999.

Lovullo’s baseball career, however, didn’t stop as a player. Two years after retirement he got into managing and coaching and worked his way through the Cleveland Indians minor league system. He then followed current Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell to the Toronto Blue Jays and then from Toronto to Boston, where he is a bench coach. Lovullo was a top candidate for the Chicago Cubs managerial gig in 2010 and it’s probably only a matter of time before he gets a manager gig in the majors.

As noted, Lovullo has rookies in 1989, including in the high series of Upper Deck. He has a single certified autograph: 1996 Leaf Signature Extended.

Card of the Day: 1994 Select Rookie of the Year Carlos Delgado

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1994selectroycarlosdelgadoRemember the days when short printed special cards looked freakin’ awesome, but were not impossible to obtain and definitely wouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg? This 1994 Select “Rookie of the Year” Carlos Delgado is a perfect example of that.

Seeded at a rate of 1 in 360 packs, this card features Dufex technology and a bright-eyed Carlos Delgado getting after it in what appears to be a throw from the outfield to home or somewhere in the in field. Most people know Delgado these days as a slugging first baseman, but I grew up in a time where Delgado was donning the catching gear for the Blue Jays.

This card never has been worth much, even in all it’s glory in 1994. I think the card booked at like $8 or $12. I actually snagged one of these in 1994 while splitting a box of Select with my cousin. (*note, 1994 Select was one of the ugliest base premium sets ever, but we bought the box because it was on clearance.) I happened to get this copy — I now own two of them — in a lot of cards I purchased a few weeks back. It surely brought back lots of memories.

Card of the Day: 1999 Metal Universe Roger Clemens MLPD

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Who the hell writes the back of these cards? Read this thing. It looks like Stuart Scott of ESPN wrote this. All that is missing are the words “kid” or “playa” at the end of each sentence. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractors Travis Snider

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I’ve been a card collector for more than 20 years — since I was seven years old — but have gone through points in my life when cards were placed on the back burner. When I was in college, I bought stuff here and there, mainly retail products, but really did not have time to go to the shops. Anyhow, if you look at my inventory, there seems to be a pretty sizable gap between 2002 through 2005. That’s because in 2006, there was one card that brought me back to the hobby: 2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractor Travis Snider. In late 2006, while shopping for white T-shirts at my local I decided to try my hand at a blaster of 2006 Bowman Draft. In that box I unearthed a shiny blue gem of a youngster named Travis Snider. It was not until later that day did I realize that I had pulled one of the best cards in the set, and one of the most desirable ones of the Blue Jays prospect. This card has been graded 8.5 by Beckett, which kills me. The front is absolutely stunning. Sharp corners, crisp edges, smooth surface and spot-on centering. BUT the back is where I get dinged the centering is 80/20 right to left, which was a problem with the 2006 product. Oh well, more the reason to keep this bad boy in the collection. It’ll forever serve as one of the most memorable cards in my collection, even if Snider does not pan out. Continue reading