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A trio of Spring Training TTM Successes

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These are the latest of my TTM Successes. With these, I am now 7/41. You can see all of my 2010 TTM sendouts and success HERE. I’ll be sending out another dozen or so requests this week.

received 3/12 -- ballpoint pen

received 3/11 -- personalized

recieved 3/11 -- smudged, card creased in the mail

Two more TTMs received including a Rookie of the Year

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Today was indeed a good day to look in my mailbox. Two TTM successes today, Pirates catching prospect Tony Sanchez, the No. 4 pick in the 2009 draft. And 2009 National League Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan, twice. The Coghlan’s are awesome. Perfect ink, and no creases in the cards.

Over the last few years I’ve managed to get through the mail autos of three of the four latest rookies of the year, including Geovany Soto (08 NL) and Evan Longoria (08 AL). I really need to get a request out to Andrew Bailey. This is a nice little trend I have started. You can see my on-going 2010 TTM sendout/received post HERE.

First Two 2010 TTM Spring Training success

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I received autographs from Tiger relief pitcher Daniel Schlereth and Dodger legend Ron Cey today, the first successes of my 2010 TTM requests. I’m not intending to do a post for every TTM card that comes in, but I may do them in bunches. HERE is who I have sent to thus far. I’ll be updating that post with the images.

My 2010 Spring Training TTM request list

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After taking a year off, I’ve decided to send out a slew of TTM (Through The Mail) requests this spring training. I’ve got four batches out to a random mix of players, some guys who more than likely will not sign and a few others who probably will. As is the case with everything, you never really know unless you try. I’ll probably do one more surge before the end of Spring Training. Hoping to see some returns over the next week or so.

Batch sent 2/19

Troy Tulowitzki

Ryan Braun

Max Scherzer (rec 7/7/10)

Justin Upton

James Loney rec’d 8/3/10)

Alex Gordon

Todd Helton

Kosuke Fukudome

Nick Markakis

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daniel Schlereth (1 signed, returned 3/4)

Andrew McCutchen

Cliff Lee


Sent 2/25

Joe Mauer

Josh Johnson

Jim Leyland

Jacoby Ellsbury

Brandon Webb

Roy Oswalt



Joel Pineiro

Martin Prado

Ron Cey (2 signed, returned 3/4)

Erik Bedard

Jonathan Sanchez (received 3/12)

Chris Davis

Neftali Feliz

Kris Medlen

Yovani Gallardo

Jonathan Broxton



Stephen Strasburg

Jason Heyward

Drew Storen (received 3/11)

Erick Aybar

Chris Coghlan (returned 3/10)

Gordon Beckham (received 4/17)

Rick Porcello

Jason Kubel (received 11/5)


Tony Sanchez (returned 3/10)

Eric Young Jr. (received 3/11 — he kept 2010 Topps Heritage I sent, signed my 07 BH)

Elvis Andrus

Nolan Reimold



Terry Francona (received 6/4 — not the card I sent)

Charlie Manuel (Received 7/27/10)

Andrew Bailey (received 3/24)



Koji Uehara (received (4/2)

Shane Victorino

Aaron Hill

Milt Pappas (received 3/24)

Dick Groat (received 3/26)

TTM Success: Ben Grieve

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I arrived home Wednesday evening to a surprise: a Through The Mail success from 1998 American League Rookie of the Year Ben Grieve. Growing up in the Bay Area, I remember the few good seasons Grieve had with the Oakland Athletics. For a good while it appeared that Grieve was going to be a solid major league. As it turned out, he had only a handful of decent seasons before being shipped to Tampa Bay, and eventually the Brewers and Cubs. I sent this request more than a year ago after finding these 1995 Topps Grieve cards at a local thrift store. It appears that Grieve signed the card on the right and accidentally rubbed the ink with his thumb, but the one on the left is perfect. A nice, inexpensive addition to my collection of autographs.

Josh Hamilton TTM Success, 18 months later!

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JoshHamiltonTTMCame home yesterday to a great surprise, a through the mail (TTM) autograph of Josh Hamilton. I sent a card — not this particular card — to Josh during Spring Training 2008 and had all but given up hopes. I actually sent him a 2000 Bowman’s Best “Teen Idols” insert card, which I thought would have been awesome to have signed because there is some irony there. Anyway, I’m happy to have received this 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update card in its place. Beggars can’t be choosers. This is the first TTM auto I’ve received in almost a year. I actually didn’t send any requests out this year because I was discouraged by my low return rate.

Because Chase Utley is awesome …

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This is not pre-printed.

… I had to re-post this through the mail (TTM) success from like a year and a half ago. This is indeed an authentic Chase Utley autograph. Not pre-printed. Real. As in the Sharpie is ON TOP of the photo.

Lots of people have sent to Utley over the years, and in recent seasons, Utley has been sending back pre-printed cards like his buddy Ryan Howard. But this, my friends, is real. A card touched by greatness, signed by a World Series legend. Yes, I am the greatest. /sarcasm.