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2015 Topps Macklemore card is my new “Wallet Card”

Posted in Misc. with tags , , , on February 19, 2015 by Cardboard Icons

When 2015 Topps was released there was one insert card I had to own. Yes, it was a “First Pitch” insert card. But it was not “The Dude.” And it wasn’t 50 Cent. It was non other than Seattle rapper Macklemore. Why? Um … Have you not been reading Thrift Treasures?

Macklemore famously sang about thrift shopping a few years back and has become much bigger since the song was released and played out everywhere. It only seemed fitting that known the card.

A few weeks back a Twitter follower joked that one day I would find a Macklemore card on top of a Baggie of baseball cards at a thrift store. It literally made me laugh out loud … Because he’s probably right.

I went about three weeks ripping packs of 2015 Topps backs. I think I own enough Austin Mahone First Pitch inserts to decorate a bathroom, but it was not until today that I FINALLY pulled a Macklemore.

And wouldn’t you my next stop was … The thrift store. When I pulled up to the store I had a stroke of genius. I was not only going to enjoy my Macklemore card, but I was going to make it my new “Wallet Card,” the single card that I would carry in my wallet.

At this very moment Macklemore is resting comfortably, but it is only a matter of time before the card is bent and thrashed. And that’s OK. Because it’s fitting that the card LOOK like some that I have found at thrift store. It’ll be all good until the card starts smelling like R Kelly’s sheets …


Rediscovering the “Wallet Card” idea …

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IMG_8106Funny story.  When I was 10 I was on my way to Little League game and on the ground near the field was a 1990 Score Ricky Jordan card.  It was a third-year card for the Phillies first base prospect, but at the time I was playing for my Little League’s Phillies’ team, so I figured that I put it in my back pocket for good luck. Well, with Jordan in my back pocket I managed to hit two doubles and played catcher for the entire game.  From that point forward I decided that it was my “lucky charm” and when I started carrying a wallet later that year — it was a black 49ers Velcro wallet with exactly ZERO dollars — but it held this Jordan and a “driver’s license” for a local go-kart track. I had the card in that wallet until high school when I upgraded to a black leather wallet. Through high school and college the card stayed in whatever wallet I owned. The Jordan was flat. It was folded at times. At one point it was soaking wet from me spilling water on it. But I kept in in the wallet until a few years ago when I switched to a smaller wallet-type of device that’s much easier to use at work. I’ve since placed the seemingly worthless Ricky Jordan card in a massive screw case, not unlike one from the era in which this card was produced.

IMG_8091Well, I recently learned that what I had been doing was what people in the hobby refer to as their “Wallet card.” So, naturally, I decided chose one for the upcoming year.  I could have gone back to the Jordan card, but I opted for this 1987 Topps “Turn Back The Block” Reggie Jackson card. There’s no real story behind the Jackson card, but it does hail from the 1987 Topps set, which is one of the first products I ever opened.  Additionally, I do find it amusing that a card of this Hall of Famer, who had an infamous interaction with Beckett Baseball editor Chris Olds at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention, will be traveling with be in the back seat of my pants where ever I go..  I was standing next to Chris when this incident occurred. It was awesome.

On a side note, the wallet shown here is a Rawlings Red Label Trifold with stitched seams. You should own one.