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A new quirk for 2019 Topps Heritage?

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The Topps Heritage line is a fun set to collect or view from afar each year. For the most part, Topps stays true to the original design and quirks, often mimicking the errors of the past to maintain that sense of nostalgia that’ve come to embrace over the years

Of course in recent memory they’ve also added a slew of variations to make for extreme chase cards in some cases. But today I think I found a new tradition, one that doesn’t appear to be a throwback to the 1970 set.

While sorting a bit of the Heritage that I picked up this week I noticed something that doesn’t appear to be an homage to the original set. Grab your stacks of Heritage and thumb through them and pull out your base cards of the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies. Remember, I’m talking base cards, not the multi-player rookie cards of subsets.

Now turn them over and look at the bio box.

Do you see it?

Right below the player’s biographical information is the team name: Washington Nationals or Colorado Rockies. Now go look at the other card backs. You’ll notice that cards of the other teams don’t have the team name on back.

I asked a hobby friend of mine what the deal was with this and he seemed to not know about it, suggesting that maybe it was a wink to something from 1970. I figured that may have been the case too, so I looked and I did not see the team name on the back of the 1970 cards.

I also noticed something else … a handful of the Nationals cards in the 2019 set (cards 1-400 not the SPs 401-500) corresponded by number with cards of the Washington Senators and Minnesota Twins from the 1970 set, which is a fun hat tip since there is some lineage between the Senators-Twins-Nationals franchises and locations.

Have you noticed any other fun quirks to the 2019 Heritage set? Leave a comment below.

Cardboard Porn: 1964 Topps Lou Piniella rookie

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Cardboard Porn: Because sometimes words just get in the way.

This is the ninth in an on-going series of card images titled “Cardboard Porn.”

Rookie Card Showcase: 1933 Goudey Sam Rice

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This is part 18 of an ongoing series. To see the rest of this series, click here

Thirteen. That’s how many hits shy of 3,000 Sam Rice was when he retired from the game of baseball in 1934 as a member of the Cleveland Indians. Rice, better known as a Washington Senator, broke into the Big Leagues in 1915 and played with the Senators until 1933, which ironically is the year of his rookie baseball card. The 1933 Goudey offering is a somewhat unique set in that damn near every card in the set is considered a rookie, including icons Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, who also played for several years before the 1933 season.

Rice is a 1963 inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame was one of the best pure hitters of his time. He was overshadowed by power house Ruth and Gehrig, but Rice excelled in his brand of ball and earned a spot in the Hall of Fame. In addition to his excellent offensive skills, Rice is also known for robbing a player of a home run in the 1925 World Series by catching the ball and then falling over the fence — the type of play emulated in arcade-style video games.

As for this particular copy of Rice’s rookie, it is authentic and was obtained in one of my bargain bin finds at a recent card show.