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In Memoriam: Yogi Berra May 12, 1925-Sept. 22, 2015

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Baseball card cameo: “Stand by Me”

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Baseball card appearances in movies always intrigue me. So it came as a surprise to me today when I discovered that the 1986 flick “Stand by Me,” which I’d watched before but not in many years, actually shows for a brief second a 1958 Topps All Star Mickey Mantle and a 1960 Topps Yogi Berra. It’s probably worth noting that the Berra shouldn’t be there. The movie is set in 1959. Hurray for bloopers!


Not exactly a Thrift Treasures post

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On Wednesday I hit a few thrift stores before work in hopes of bringing in the new year with some treasures.  That wasn’t exactly the case.  The stores had cards and sports items, but none of them appealed to me.  But I wanted to share this to show that not everything is always gold at these second-hand stores.

At one shop, where they seemingly always have a tub or two of cards, they had a giant plastic bin this time full of cards.  But as you can see, they are high-dollar cards from the legendary 1988 Topps set.  John Smiley anyone?


At another shop, they actually had cards displayed in the show case …

TTNotBox2There was a stack of second-year 1987 Topps Jerry Rice cards, 1989 Upper Deck Nolan Ryans and some various 1987 and 1988 Fleer Jose Canseco cards.  Also some 1989 Donruss packs priced at 49 cents each.  You can also see some other stuff in the picture.

TTNotBox3Here are some more cards in the showcase right next to the previous one.   The glaring issue here is not the high prices, but the fact that the price tag is affixed DIRECTLY TO THE CARD.  If I didn’t want to pay 98 cents for a 2000 Private Stock Albert Belle, I definitely did not want to pay 98 cents after having the sticker price tag stuck to the surface.

TTNotBox88Here’s a goodie … a box of 1988 Topps cards priced at 98 cents each.  The gem here is the sealed 1991 Score Series 1 box that is actually “reasonably” priced at $15.99.  Also not pictured is a stack of 1991-1992 Pro Set hockey boxes priced at $16.99 each. ugh.

And then at another store they had no cards, but they had this semi-cool paperback edition of Yogi Berra’s “It Aint Over.”  What makes this cool?  Check out the cards shown on the cover.  In hindsight, I should have bought this … it was like a buck anyway.  I’m sure it’ll still be there in a few weeks.


I wound up spending nothing but time and gas money on Wednesday, but you know that won’t deter me from keeping up the hunt.  My track record suggests things will get better soon.

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A 1958 Topps Mickey Mantle for $5? Whaaaat

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For weeks, I’d been itching to get back to one of my local card shops to dig through their vintage bargain bins. The Topps Million Giveaway promotion has rejuvenated my love for the old, smelly cards. So instead of paying inflated prices for a cardboard lottery ticket hoping to get something made before 1970, I decided to call the shots — I was going to chose what I wanted. And so I did. In the end I came away with five cards for $14.

The first  is a 1954 Bowman rookie of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Memo Luna. Luna is a Mexican Baseball Hall of Famer. Born Guillermo Romero Luna, the lefty played in all of one game in his major league career. On April 20, 1954, Memo pitched just two-thirds of an inning, giving up six hits and two earned runs. And then poof, it was over; his Major League Dreams snuffed out. While his MLB numbers aren’t anything to gawk at, Luna actually played professional ball for 20 years What I have not figured out is how he got the nickname “Memo.”

I actually wish that I had gone to this card shop a week earlier. Nine days ago I paid $1 for a 1955 Topps Harvey Haddix card just to say I owned one of the guy who threw 12 perfect innings in a losing effort. And then lo and behold I found this 1961 Topps card yesterday commemorating that occasion. It still boggles my mind that Haddix tossed the equivalent of 1 1/4 of a perfect game and still came out on the losing end. This card is awesome, by the way. Very timely considering it is a “Baseball Thrills” subset, just like the ones that are in the 2010 Topps Heritage set.

I thought I bought a Milt Pappas rookie before, but a quick check of my blog via my cell phone was showing no signs of it. I would have posted it in my Rookie Card Showcase.  Anyhow, for $2 I was not going to pass on this 1958 Topps card. Pappas tossed a no-hitter (almost a perfect game) with the Cubs late in his career. And although he was not a HOFer, he remains one of the best pitchers of his era, tallying more than 200 wins and 1,700-plus strikeouts. Solid career.

And from one Oriole to another who had a slightly more decorated career. OK,  who am I kidding, this guy had a much more accomplished career. Brooks Robinson is one of the best third basemen to ever play the game and there was no way I was going to pass on a third-year card of a guy like that for $5. Yes, the card has some issues. There is a crease down the middle, but it’s really not as bad as it looks. And for the price, there was nothing to quibble about.

And lastly, the 1958 Topps Mickey Mantle card to which the headline alludes. Yes, this is a Yankee team checklist card, but it does feature some of legendary names: Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Casey Stengel, Whitey Ford, Sal Maglie, Tony Kubek, Elston Howard, Hank Bauer and more. Want to guess where Mantle is? He’s the shortest guy on the top row. Awesome, right? Oh, and don’t harass me about the card’s condition. If it looked any better than this, I wouldn’t own it because it would have cost me more than the $5 I paid.

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Card of the Day: 1948 Bowman Yogi Berra rookie card

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berrarcImagine owning a rookie card signed by Yankee great Yogi Berra. Well, this is not one of those, although someone may think it is. What you’re looking at here is an authentic Yogi Berra rookie card, one that carries a value of $800 in good condition. And while there are no creases or paper loss to squash the value of this card, there is someone’s version of Berra’s signature on the face of this card that pretty much destroys its monetary value. Continue reading