Thrift Treasures XXXIV: Love between the sheets

The junk wax era is alive and well at some of my local thrift stores.  One shop was chalk full of little baggies containing horrible basketball cards from the early 90s; another was jam packed with 1988 Topps.  Good thing at one Goodwill, there was a binder with some small gems located within.

For the first time since I’ve been scouring my local thrift stores for treasures, I located a binder full of cards that were priced PER SHEET.  Usually the person pricing items in the back of the store takes one look in the binder and if they recognize ONE name out of any of the cards, they automatically throw a $49 price point on the binder.

This time it appears someone came to their senses and priced each 9-card sheet at $1.49.  There were probably 50 sheets in the binder and only four that really appealed to me.

Anyway, I scanned the nine-card pages in their entirety so that you can see the greatness that I uncovered.

The one pictured above has three nice rookie cards, and I am not talking about that sweet 1989 Topps Steve Searcy card or the 1992 Pro Set Ty Detmer BYU card.

I’m talking about the 1989 Donruss Craig Biggio, 1988 Fleer Update Craig Biggio and the 1988 Fleer Update John Smoltz.  I already own these three cards, but this seemed like a solid buy.  A fun one if nothing else.

The second sheet:

Everyone knows how valuable those Pro Set Lawrence Taylor and David Meggett cards are.  That is the entire reason I bought this page.

OK, all kidding aside. Seriously?  A 1980 Topps Phil Simms rookie?  Sitting in a binder page?  At a Goodwill?

Believe it, son.  Believe it.

The Simms rookie isn’t worth nearly as much as it was back in the early 1990s, but it is still a Hall of Fame rookie card that really shouldn’t have been relegated to PVC Sheet status.

No worries, Mr. Simms.  I saved your rookie card.

Sheet 3:

Even the 50-year-old cashier knew who the guy in the bottom right was.  Hell, she even identified it as his rookie card.  1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. rookies are not hard to come by, but I was not going to leave this at the thrift store … especially when I can get it, and a 1988 Fleer Update Chris Sabo rookie at the same time. S-C-O-R-E-. SCORE!

Sheet 4:

I probably own enough 1988 Donruss Roberto Alomar rookies to decorate an entire wall of a house, but the real reason this sheet appealed to be is that 1988 Fleer Update Alomar rookie. I love that 1988 Fleer Update set, it was one of the first sets I actually purchased .. sort of.  I’ll save that story for another time.

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