A Blank 2012 Topps Heritage Redemption Card?

I managed to hit one of my local Target’s on Monday and picked up a couple of packs of 2012 Topps Heritage retail.  I pulled a few SPs and inserts along with a slew of base cards. But in one pack there was something suspicious, and now my mind is running wild about what it was supposed to be.

If you open enough Topps Heritage you’ll notice that there is a pattern as to where the insert, SP, variation or other “special” card is seeded within the pack.  Typically it is the fourth card from the back, so it winds up somewhere in the middle of the nine-card pack.

This is not a pack searching secret someone will try to sell you on eBay.  It’s just the way the cards are inserted into the packs during collation.

So in the particular pack in question, the fourth card from the end of the pack was … blank.

No name. No words. No picture.

Just white nothing. BLANK.

And it’s not one of those annoying security sensors that are placed inside the Topps packs either.  My pack had one of those and it was on the back of the pack as they usually are.

The card is a blank card made from the same card stock as the other Topps Heritage cards.  I’ll repeat: THE SAME CARD STOCK.  It’s not thicker or thinner.  It’s the same.

Given the placement of the card within the pack, my interest is piqued.

Was this supposed to be a redemption card with a sticker placed on it?


This blank card is missing something, and I believe it to be more than just a player’s name, face and stats.  I believe this card is missing a square adhesive label identifying the special card for which it is supposed to be redeemed.

Is something missing here, Topps?  Or am I making something out of nothing?


2 Responses to “A Blank 2012 Topps Heritage Redemption Card?”

  1. handcollated Says:

    It would make sense to put a dummy card in a pack that was similar to the card you were trying to dummy. I don’t think twice about these blank cards anymore, but you can always call Topps and see what they have to say about it..

  2. I have pulled a few of those and written them off as pad cards to give you the impression you may have a pack with a hit, only to yield a big fat nothing.

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