2014 Topps Opening Day Josh Reddick, an Uncorrected Error Card.

With the recent release of Topps Heritage and it’s intended error cards designed to mimic actual errors from the original 1965 set, I figured it’d be worth pointing mount an error — a true error; an uncorrected one at that — that I found on a newly released 2014 Topps Opening Day Card.

Josh Reddick, as we all know, is an outfielder. The front of card No. 173 from Opening Day correctly lists him as such. But the back, that’s another story. Topps left his position as “p” (they likely used a template while creating these) and forgot to change to statistic categories in the stat box below. A genuine oops.



One Response to “2014 Topps Opening Day Josh Reddick, an Uncorrected Error Card.”

  1. With 1371 wins under his belt, Reddick is a sure lock for the Hall of Fame. I mean, getting 611 wins in one season blew the career mark set a hundred years ago! What is also amazing is that he accumulated all those wins while averaging less than one inning pitched per victory. In fact, a third of those victories must have come without recording a single out! How would one go about doing that? And being credited with 123 shutouts in that time too!

    Error cards are fun.

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