I hate when companies recycle images

2002ToppsTotalNomars1I know I am not the first person to point out when companies recycle images for baseball cards. But I might be the first person — OK, maybe not — to ask what the hell Topps was thinking when they created these two 2002 Topps Total Nomar Garciaparra cards.

Upon first inspection, it looks like we are viewing two copies of the same exact card. Same design, same color scheme, same image: Same card, right? Wrong. One of these is the base card, and the other in an insert team checklist card. I’m all for team checklists cards, especially when the cards actually feature a player or the entire team. But don’t ya think things would be better if they had used a different image here? I damn near dismissed one of these cards from my collection after mistaking it for being a duplicate.


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