Topps Million Card Giveway Is Pure Fun

Yes, I know the Topps Web site has been a huge pain in the ass today, but one has to admit it is pretty fun to enter a code into a Web site and see what card you’ve unlocked.

I know a lot of us are getting a handful of commons from sets made within the last 20 years, but if you’re upset about it, then maybe you need a new hobby. This Giveaway promotion is something that really is a win-win for us collectors. These code cards were seeded 1 in 6 packs, so they are not that hard to get. If you were not into the promotion, you could sell your lot of unused codes on eBay for about a buck a piece. If you’re into the promotion, then it’s an added bonus to a product you were going to buy anyway. And in the end, if you do no like the card you unlocked, you are under no obligation to have the card shipped to you.

Personally I had nine codes to enter today, and I started off on a high note grabbing two vintage cards, but it all went down hill from there. Regardless of the result, it is a fun promotion that I look forward to participating more with in the future.

Want to know what cards I unlocked? Here they are in the order they were “pulled.”

1) 1956 Bob Friend

2) 1953 Billy Hunter

3) 1971 Jim McAndrew

4) 1988 Kevin Seitzer

5) 1998 Wally Joyner

6) 1979 Paul Thomodsgard

7) 2000 Eric Karros

8) 1988 Steve Lombardozzi

9) 2005 Ken Griffey Jr.

7 Responses to “Topps Million Card Giveway Is Pure Fun”

  1. These are redemptions??? If so i hope they dont stamp them. I havent bought any cards for awhile. except a couple singles on ebay.

  2. dave nielsen Says:

    How did you get in. I’m using and getting nothing. Been trying all day. Thanks for sharing your info

  3. […] 6) 1979 Paul Thomodsgard 7) 2000 Eric Karros 1988 Steve Lombardozzi 9) 2005 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Million Card Giveway Is Pure Fun __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  4. Wow! That is one of the better hauls I’ve seen. Grats!

  5. Great start, so so finish. Nice haul!

  6. You are off to a nice start there. When people start posting trades on the site you may be able to pull off a good deal for yourself. I would imagine there is a set builder out there that needs the Friend or Hunter.

  7. Play at the Plate Says:

    Nice haul…two cards from the ’50s is sweet.

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