Another reason to have your cards slabbed by BGS

Like it or not, your baseball cards were meant to be handled. Whether it be by you, your wife or your kids, they are best enjoyed when they are in someone hands, not in some dark box. So what better way to ensure the protection of your cards than to have them in a protective holder.

I own cards graded by lots of companies — particularly PSA, SGC and BGS, but for my dollar, the best holders by far are offered by Beckett.

If this 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax rookie were in any other holder, there is no chance I’d let me 14-month-old kid handle it. What makes me really happy about the card being slabbed is knowing that when she is older, we both can handle the cards while I teach her a thing or two about the hobby and sport.

2 Responses to “Another reason to have your cards slabbed by BGS”

  1. Ha ha. That is a great picture! You should frame that.

  2. The kid is fine. I wouldn’t let that card around my dog, slabbed or not.

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