Three days of silence

Just a quick heads up, I’ll be silent for much of the next three days as I retire to the dungeon to prepare for a pair of fantasy baseball drafts this weekend. When I emerge, I should have formed solid teams that will thoroughly slay the competition.

Not writing about baseball cards during this time is essential to my focus. It’s much like a boxer who refuses to have sex until after the fight. It’s important to keep the eye of the tiger during these times and not be distracted by nonsense, like my Draft Day hat. Nonetheless, when I return I will share the results with you, as well as some other stuff I’ve come up with.  For now, let us focus on the task at hand.

2 Responses to “Three days of silence”

  1. That’s the most awesome hat in the history of ever. Well done, sir.

    • Thanks. I thought the hat was pretty funny when I found it. Best part it was clearanced for $2; regular $20. I plan to wear it on Draft Day to throw off some people. If it works, it’ll be my new tradition.

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