Thrift Treasures 52: Tuesday’s Gone …

“I don’t know … where I’m goin’ … I just want to be … left alone …”

Words to live by … especially when you’re thrifting.

After work on Tuesday I made a quick run to a thrift store just to see if they had any new cards in their card trough.

Sure enough they had a few new ones sprinkled in with the same stuff I’ve been looking at for almost a year.

But before we get to the cards, check out this steal on got on this Lynyrd Skynyrd CD … four of the songs on this album always find their way onto all of the Skynyrd greatest hits compilations.  And it cost me … a buck.  Anything I found in the card bins after this was going to be a bonus.

So this thrift store is the one that I constantly battle with when it comes to pricing their baseball cards.  There’s no sign on the card trough, and depending on clerk working the register, the cards are either 10 for $1 or 20 for $1.

Today they were 20 for a $1.  I’ll do the math for you.  That’s a nickel a piece. I got 20 cards. I know, big spender!

Here’s the loot …

I hadn’t seen 1989 Pro Set football at thrift in quite some time, but this one instantly reminded me of my early collecting days. That’s Hall of Famer Rod Woodson’s rookie card, baby.

This 1997/1998 UD Choice Draw Your Own Card of Michael Jordan seemed like a no-brainer at this price point.

With those non-baseball items out of the way, let me back up a tad and tell you what i saw when I first got to the bins.

There were little stacks of 2000 Upper Deck Legends baseball cards mixed in these plastic tubs, and THAT is what instantly caught my eye because I knew that I hadn’t seen them before.  I got to the store 20 minutes before they closed so I had to bust through these boxes real quick.  There were probably more quality stars but I took these:

Four 2000 UD Legends Mike Schmidt cards.

Ken Griffey Jr, Stan Musial and Lou Gehrig subsets from 2000 UD Legends

Seven UD Legends Hank Aaron cards.

2000 UD Legends “Millenium Team” Mark McGwire and Mike Schmidt

And now the show stopper …

Do you see it?

Check out the shiny card.

That’s not a base card.

What’s amusing to me is that there could be a Greg Maddux SuperCollector out there who is missing this 2000 UD Legends parallel /100. And as it turned out one of the 100 produced cards was sitting in a bargain bin at a thrift store.  At any time this card could have fallen onto the floor, and then be swept into a dustpan and discarded.

Total cost of these (card) Treasures: $1.

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