Black Friday: THE most humbling day for a card addict

Black Friday is a shoppers paradise. For card collectors it means big savings on regularly priced items at any of the large online dealers. For members of it also means you’re able to load up on singles at deeply discounted prices.

As a buyer, it’s great.  I buy a bunch of singles every year. But there is the flip side to this … As a seller, this day is the most humbling of all as it shows me how much “nonsense” I actually buy.

Look at this recent sales activity:

Those are Topps Heritage SPs being sold for somewhere in neighbors of $1. I’ve probably sold three dozen of these things on the last 24 hours, which is sad considering how much money I actually spent to pull them from packs

I need to pump the breaks on my pack/box buying. While it’s nice to have the ability to move assets and acquire other cards, it’s also counter productive to essentially pay someone to take some of these cards off my hands.

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