Card of the Day: 1992 Upper Deck `Bloodlines’ Gary Sheffield and Dwight Gooden

dwightgaryGary & Dwight. Dwight & Gary. The two were inseparable. Gary Sheffield and Dwight Gooden, uncle and nephew, lived together in Florida for much of their youth. And their relationship was well-documented in the early ’90s when both were forces to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball. But aside from the game, the men also shared an insatiable appetite for fashion.

One of the reasons I love baseball cards is the images that are used. I like to see pictures taken during the year the card was produced because it gives me an idea, or reminds me, of what what life was like then.

Cards showing players with Afros, long mangy hair, scraggly beards, long sideburns and Mutton Chops are awesome. For a good while there was a fair share cards featuring clean-shaven players, and now we’ve seen an influx of  cards featuring guys who enjoy the day-old beard growth, a la Dustin Pedroia.

But facial hair is not what makes this 1992 Upper Deck “Bloodlines” card so special, although Sheffield’s chin beard is classic. What makes this card awesome is what Dwight and Gary are wearing.

I was a kid of the 1980s, which means that by the early 1990’s I was subjected to the commercialization of rap/hip hop. And along with these fresh beats came some ill fashion trends — some of which are shown on this very card. Let’s examine, shall we.

Headwear is important in male fashion, regardless of time period. In the early part of the 20th century, men wore derbys. And by the time the 1990s rolled around, those round hats were replaced with baseball caps, and Dwight and Gary here are showcasing the finest in 1992 fashion.


Gooden is donning a black cap with a single white embroidered X, an ode to the then-upcoming Spike Lee biopic “Malcom X.”

Interested in reliving this fashion trend? You can pick one up here.


And Sheffield is sporting the infamous  “O.P.P.” hat, a reference to a song of the same title by Naughty By Nature.

Ya down wit O.P.P? Still don’t know what the other “P” stands for? Check it out here. It sure as hell isn’t “property,” as the group tried to pass off to the mainstream media in the early 1990s.

From the top of the head, let’s move down to the face.


I’ve already touched on Sheffield’s facial hair, but what I’m disappointed about is what is NOT on this card — Sheffield’s gold toofisis. Nothing real noteworthy about Doc — not to be mistaken for The DOC — except for that single diamond earring. Classic.


Neckwear is also a staple in male fashion. All sorts of ties exist — bolo, bow, neck, etc. — but both men here are wearing the always-fashionable gold chains. Gooden also is wearing the ever popular Player Number, while Sheffield is wearing a cross.

I do give both men credit in this department, though. At least the chains are subtle. No chance of dying from OG. Props to anyone who got that reference before watching the video.

After the neckwear, we must examine the Blouses.


Sheffield has decided to model the popular T-shirt with rolled sleeves, while Mr. Gooden has gone with the more preppy long-sleeve ringer T-shirt. I swear Zack Morris wore a shirt like this, but I can’t find the evidence online.

And finally, we have the trousers.


Dwight has stuck with a classic Levis blue jean, seemingly bucking the trend of the time of either acid-washed jeans or stone-washed jeans. While Sheff has opted for what appears to be draw-string Z Cavariccis. They could be a pair of Zubaz, though. Any help?

It isn’t too often that you come across a card produced within the last 20 years that tells so much about the year in which it was released. But this 1992 card does just that. All that is missing is a high-top-fade, shaved eye brows, a pair of Elise black suede kicks, multi-colored leather Africa medallionor some Cross Colours.

Yeah, boy!

2 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1992 Upper Deck `Bloodlines’ Gary Sheffield and Dwight Gooden”

  1. You get props for the overgold reference, but the real genius of that movie was putting armed midgets in oversized hats. Why did they not do that in Casablanca or Apocalpse Now?

    Gary’s pants might be Z’s in lightning wash even. Definitely not Zubaz, but the could be Skidz.

    They both look like they just came back from a Chess King shopping spree. I bet they have Troop jackets to wear home.

    I think the rolled sleeves and tucked in t’s are really what’s most disturbing here. How much is the bet that Dwight’s pants are pegged.

    “Who are these guys?”

    “They’re my theme music. Every hero’s got to have some.”

  2. Interesting how they have Sheffield pitching and Doc hitting too

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