2009 Topps 206 Blasters are out: Buyer Beware, ridiculous odds!

Been waiting all week to see the 2009 Topps 206 Blasters to hit retail store shelves, and when I found them Wednesday I was thrilled. Problem: The odds for any for the hits are off the charts. Autographs are EASIER to get in Blasters than relics. The easiest signature can be attained 1 in every 162 packs while the easiest relic falls 1 in every 672 packs. Autographs are almost five times easier to get than relics! There are two ways to interpret this: 1) Topps is giving Blaster Buyers a better shot at signatures; 2) Topps is milking Blaster Buyers for every penny.

These odds won’t make a difference to set collectors; Blasters offer an extra pack and cost a dollar less than buying seven random retail packs. But for basic collectors, Blasters may not be worth the money — the hits are at least three times harder to get. Is this fair?

The main problem with retail products is pack searchers are everywhere. Within 10 minutes of a retail box being placed on the shelf, someone has rifled through it and yanked the hits. So what are retail shoppers left to do? Buy blasters, which contain packs that are not searched. The problem here though is that Topps is making the collector work even harder for their hit.

There’s always the option to buy a hobby box, and given the stats that Cardboard Problem presented on Wednesday, that is looking like the best option for basic collectors.

Top packs is from a Blaster; bottom is basic retail. Check out the odds.

4 Responses to “2009 Topps 206 Blasters are out: Buyer Beware, ridiculous odds!”

  1. After all the loose retail I have opened, I would buy retail before hobby. I opened 6 more packs of loose retail tonight and scored 2 hits and an SP. I’m going to post that tomorrow or Friday, I have a presentation tomorrow otherwise I would work on it now.

  2. I pulled better stuff out of retail than I did the hobby box. The minis were better in retail especially. I didn’t anything other than Piedmont out of the hobby boxes.

    In retail, I got two cycles, which are numbred to /99, and a Polar Bear.

  3. Buy the retail if you want to build the set; get the hits you want off eBay if you’re looking for anything in particular. The odds don’t seem all that great in hobby or retail to me.

  4. Just busted a blaster… not particularly satisfied, although I only pulled 7 cards that I already had… so a lot of set help.

    No relics, only one polar bear back, no cycle, no old mill

    I did get 2 no number sps – holland, and jackie robinson

    thats all

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