The Great Purge of 2010 (Part III)

After three weeks of sorting, counting and boxing up cards, the time has come for The Sale. True, I’ve been selling cards for the better part of the last three weeks, and I have done fairly little to promote this cause other than my cathartic writings telling myself it was OK to part with my precious cardboard.

But finally the time has come for the much-anticipated portion of the Purge — the sale of the team lots.

Heading into this process I had one major problem that I knew would be a little off-putting: the cost of shipping. Sending one or two cards is a fairly simple process. But sending lots of cards anywhere from 200 to 1,300 can be a tad expensive, and so I have decided to use flat rate priority shipping for any lots that have more than 700 cards. Don’t be scared away by the $10.70 shipping cost for most of these lots, that is indeed how much it will cost to be sent.

Anyhow, here are links to all of the team lots I have available. All auctions end on May 7, about 6 p.m. PACIFIC. If so inclined place a bid on your favorite team. If not, thanks for reading. I’ll be writing Part Four sometime in the next few days.

American League


Oakland A’s (approx 1,150 cards)

Texas Rangers (approx 1015)

Seattle Mariners (725+)

Anaheim Angels (750+)


Kansas City Royals (700+)

Detroit Tigers (approx 600)

Chicago White Sox (700+)

Minnesota Twins (725+)

Cleveland Indians (1,000+)


Baltimore Orioles (600+)

Tampa Bay Rays (425+)

Boston Red Sox (850+)

New York Yankees (approx 1,350)

Toronto Blue Jays (approx 825)

National League


San Francisco Giants (approx 650)

Arizona Diamondbacks (approx. 625)

Colorado Rockies (approx. 500)

San Diego Padres (850)

Los Angeles Dodgers (750)


Houston Astros (750+)

Chicago Cubs (800+)

St. Louis Cardinals (725+)

Milwaukee Brewers (450+)

Pittsburgh Pirates (550+)

Cincinnati Reds (approx. 600)


Philadelphia Phillies (950)

Atlanta Braves (approx. 1,000)

New York Mets (900+)

Washington Nationals (approx 200)

Montreal Expos (375)

Florida Marlins (475)

See Parts One and Two. Stay Tuned for Part Four of “The Great Purge of 2010.”

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