4x 2015 Topps Toys R Us blister packs with purples

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If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I have fallen in love with the 2015 Topps Toys R Us purple parallels. They are foil and are gorgeous. I personally think they are the best looking parallel of the base set so far. And for $2.99 a pack you get three purples and a basic retail pack.

I you’ve been breaking any Topps packs this year you may have gotten some of those coupons from packs, which give you anywhere from 50 cents to $10 off a purchase. The amount is specified on the card.

Well, I had pulled six of them and placed a few into my wallet for future purchase. Well, guess what? You can use them at Toys R Us. I had four with me on Tuesday so I decided to go buy a few “purple packs.” With the coupon that brings the purchase down to $2.50 per, which is a no-brainer since I love the purples so much.

Here is the loot. As my luck had it I snagged a relic in the packs, one of Javier Baez. I also got a gold parallel, which is you haven’t noticed are tougher this year. And my purples weren’t half-bad either.


Thrift Treasures 83: A bag of ‘Super’ Topps cards + bonus

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IMG_9897You know why I love thrift shopping?  Because you never know what you’re going to find.

Such was the case Monday when I visited a local thrift shop and located a bag of oversized cards hanging on a peg hook in the toy section.  There was a 35-year-old card of former Indians player Rick Manning starring at me with a nice stack of similar over-sized 1980 and 1981 Topps Super cards behind it.  I estimated that there were about 50 of these jumbo cards within the bag.  And since I had not owned any of these, and the cost per card was going to be able a dime each, I figured I’d bite.  I mean, why not? Maybe I could turn some of them into an art project, use them to decorate, or even help out some other collectors who had been seeking them.

After located the bag, I checked the remaining peg hooks and located about a dozen bags that held stacks of 1990 Topps, which was clearly obvious based on the horrific borders that year. And then there was one bag that really caught my attention for three reasons:  1) There was an unopened re-pack type of pack dated from 1989 inside, 2) There were two packs of cards within (2010 Topps Ser. 1 and 2010 Upper Deck); and 3)  the price tag was a mere 99 cents. So …. I bought them too.

IMG_9898We’ll start with the cheap(er) stuff.  As it turned out, the Topps and Upper Deck packs in this 99-cent bag were opened.  But clearly whomever owned them before didn’t remove anything because I pulled arguably the best 1951 Topps Blue Back card in the set, Babe Ruth.  It’s not worth a bunch, but it is Babe Ruth.

IMG_9931The Upper Deck pack was less exciting.  But we’re not five years removed from Upper Deck’s last-ditch effort at producing baseball cards.  If you remember, MLB ended its 20-year relationship with Upper Deck after 2009, but UD still had a contact with the Major League Baseball Player’s Association.  So, Upper Deck produced baseball cards that wre unauthorized by MLB and used photos that were supposed to hide the actual logos.  Well, check out these four cards in my 18-card pack.  Those logos (Team and MLB) look pretty clear to me.

IMG_9932 IMG_9934

Remember that re-pack thing I mentioned earlier?  THAT was stilll sealed.  I remember seeing these at stores like K-Mart, Toys R Us, Woolworth, KB Toys etc. when I was a kid.  So I was taking a two-and-a-half decade jaunt back in time with this.  Was I expecting anything exciting? Not really.  Even if the company who created these implied there might be items of value inside by showcasing a 1954 Topps Ted Williams on its wrapper …

IMG_9910The packaging promises a mix of Topps, Donruss, Score and Fleer.  That, they delivered.  Sadly, it looks like they took a 1989 Topps Cello pack and removed the wrapper, then added in two to three of the 1988 Donruss and Score, and 1989 Fleer sets. Ugh.  I did manage to get a pair Hall of Famers though.


Now we move onto the Topps Supers.  I estimated that there were 50 cards inside.  As it turned out there were 48, including a half-dozen football, which actually made this even more intriguing to me:

IMG_9922That’s not a bad six pack:  Tony Dorsett, Joe Theismann, Bob Griese, Franco Harris, Joe Greene and John Stallworth.

The baseball ones were fun too, and there were even a few dupes.  As stated earlier, none of these are worth a ton, but they are fun to own.  Heck, if I had them when I was younger I definitely would have placed them on the front of my school binder.  Here are the cards from the 1980 set; followed by a few from 1981, specifically from the Phillies, Yankees and Mets.

IMG_9925 IMG_99264IMG_9927

IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9930

Total cost of these treasures: $5.98

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Thrift Treasures 82: Bill Walton auto w HOF inscription for $2.99

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Bill Walton’s autograph is lot a tough one to obtain. Many times the hall of Famer’s autograph can be had for under $20.

Well, today I found one for the price of a retail pack. This is a signed first-edition book that was released in 1994.



Total cost of this treasure: $2.99

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COMC shipment knocks chunk out of 2014 Gypsy Queen mini set needs

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Over the weekend I received a shipment from COMC of 100 cards. Some will be for resell, others are for my PC, and a good size chunk — about 30 — are for my 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini set.


I figured this was a good time to share an Update in this set and see of there was anyone who had any for trade.

You can see my 2014 needs here:

Rookie Card Upgrade 5: 1970 Topps Thurman Munson

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About a decade ago when I started to seriously collect vintage rookie cards condition was not a priority for me.  Rounded corners, creases, ink, etc.  None of it really mattered.  All it did was make the card more affordable for me.

Truthfully, I still operate this way in some cases.  But I also like to upgrade rookie cards — key rookie cards — when the opportunity presents itself.

Such was the case with the 1970 Topps Thurman Munson rookie card.  Munson is one of those players whose legend lives on.  A stud players who died far too young, one who has a strong following, one that seems to get stronger over the years as more people appreciate him.

I bought my first Thurman Munson Topps rookie for about $30.  I might have over-paid for the condition, but having the card was important for me.  And then a few years later I was able to acquire the Canadian version, the 1970 O-Pee-Chee rookie.  Again, there was much to be desired in terms of condition, but the opportunity was there and I jumped on it.

So for years, these two Thurman Munson rookies sat in my collection, filling the void for the Hall of Famer.

IMG_9761 IMG_9762Then opportunity knocked again a few weeks ago to make a huge upgrade for my collection for a fairly decent price.  I unloaded a bunch of low-priced stuff on COMC.com and was able to acquire this gorgeous old-label Beckett Vintage Grading (BVG 6.5) copy with fantastic subgrades, 8,8,8.5, 6. The low grade is on corners.

IMG_9760This card arrived from COMC over the weekend.  Now that I am able to examine it in hand, I can see that the corner grade was given not because the corners aren’t sharp, but because they are a tad white — probably from sitting in a card saver without a penny sleeve for too long.

I have more stuff from COMC that I’ll be showcasing in different ways in the coming days.

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2015 Topps Macklemore card is my new “Wallet Card”

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When 2015 Topps was released there was one insert card I had to own. Yes, it was a “First Pitch” insert card. But it was not “The Dude.” And it wasn’t 50 Cent. It was non other than Seattle rapper Macklemore. Why? Um … Have you not been reading Thrift Treasures?

Macklemore famously sang about thrift shopping a few years back and has become much bigger since the song was released and played out everywhere. It only seemed fitting that known the card.

A few weeks back a Twitter follower joked that one day I would find a Macklemore card on top of a Baggie of baseball cards at a thrift store. It literally made me laugh out loud … Because he’s probably right.

I went about three weeks ripping packs of 2015 Topps backs. I think I own enough Austin Mahone First Pitch inserts to decorate a bathroom, but it was not until today that I FINALLY pulled a Macklemore.

And wouldn’t you my next stop was … The thrift store. When I pulled up to the store I had a stroke of genius. I was not only going to enjoy my Macklemore card, but I was going to make it my new “Wallet Card,” the single card that I would carry in my wallet.

At this very moment Macklemore is resting comfortably, but it is only a matter of time before the card is bent and thrashed. And that’s OK. Because it’s fitting that the card LOOK like some that I have found at thrift store. It’ll be all good until the card starts smelling like R Kelly’s sheets …


Thrift Treasure 81: MLB Showdown ASG finds a home

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I’ll say this up front, I am not a big card game guy.  I never got into Magic.  I never played Pokemon. I don’t hate it.  I don’t dislike people who play such games.  I, personally, have never felt the need to sit down and learn or play those games.  They are games of strategy; I prefer to apply my knowledge — the little that I have — to my hobby, where I acquire real things. That’s just how I operate.

IMG_9512Having said that, I do find some intrigue when I find card game cards at thrift stores.  I have a little knowledge as to what is “worth” money, but I can say that I have not cashed in on anything card game related.  This post, I suppose, follows in those foot steps.

So, in the early 2000s, Wizards of the Coast, makers of the Magic The Gathering cards, produced a series of baseball strategy card game that spanned the course of four of five seasons I believe. The game had a mild following. I don’t recall the cards ever being scorching hot.  And every now and then I find them in thrift stores, usually mixed in with some typical baseball cards. I usually pass on them unless I see an absolute reason to buy:  Multiple foil cards, many “first edition” cards, multiple stars, quantity for little money,  etc.”

On this occasion, I happened to find this box (shown here) sitting in an aisle of photo albums.  It must’ve been mistaken for a photo box, but I knew what it was immediately. When I opened it, I got a bit excited because while the bx itself makes for a fun display, it had a fair amount of cards. I was even more exited when I learned that the $3.99 price tag on it was incorrect for on this day, this item was half off.

IMG_9513So for $1.99 everything in this picture came home with me.  And while I won’t strike it rich with this find, it turned out to be a bargain.

The box contained 5 foil cards …

IMG_9543A bunch  of cards, albeit it a 4:1 ratio of strategy cards to player cards

IMG_9545Some neat team — and other subject/set — dividers

IMG_9546and … 50 2002 All-Star Game cards, which is the whole set.

IMG_9544The funny thing is the 2002 All Star Game is infamous for having ended in a tie, which ultimately led to then-Commissioner Bud Selig to the ASG “count” in subsequent years.

Total cost of these treasures: $1.99

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