36 Times Dope

36 Times Dope is a series of posts highlighting the contents of packs within a single box of “YO! MTV RAPS” Proset music cards. The cards were produced in 1991 and feature 150 cards showcasing rap artists and their accomplishments. This series began on Feb. 2, 2009

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Part I

Where it all began; an explanation of how the series came about. Embedded music videos include: MC Hammer’s “Turn This Mutha Out” and LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out!” — Published Feb. 2, 2009.

Part II

Embedded videos include an instructional video for the Hammer Dance, Tupac’s “I Get Around,” featuring Shock-G of Digital Underground, and 3RD Bass’ “Pop Goes The Weasel.” — Published Feb. 3, 2009

Part III

Embedded videos include freestyle rappin’ from the final episode of “Yo! MTV Raps”, EPMD’s “You Gots To Chill,” and Eric B. & Rakim in “Paid in Full.” — Published Feb. 4, 2009

Part IV

The first appearance of Slick Rick and Vanilla Ice. Embedded videos include: Public Enemy “Fight The Power”; Vanilla Ice “Ninja Rap”; Whodini “Friends”; and a YO! MTV Raps live performance of “Eric B Is President.”


Two shots of Vanilla Ice give the white rapper the lead over MC Hammer in the race to the top. Embedded videos include: Public Enemy and Anthrax “Bring The Noise;” Ton Loc’s “Wild Thing;” and The Afros ‘Kickin’ it Afrolistics.”


Pack six introduced me to the greatness that is Stetsasonic “Talkin All That Jazz.” Other embedded videos include Young MC “Bust A Move” and KRS One “Step Into The Light.”


Embedded videos include Kool Moe Dee “Wild Wild West;” Main Source “Fakin’ The Funk,” and a brief reference video to Waldo Faldo of Family Maters.


The Hammer returns … and there is a reference to Ginsu Knives. Embedded videos include MC Hammer “Have You Seen Her;” LL Cool J “I need Love” and a Run DMC live performance from Yo! MTV Raps.


The Beastie Boys make their debut with a double shot of videos and we get an early image of Busta Rhymes and Gza riding a bicycle topless. Embedded videos include: “No Sleep Til Brooklyn,” and “Fight For Your Right To Party,” by The Beastie Boys, and “I’m a Ho,” by Whodini.


We have our first sighting of a Zack Morris cell phone. Embedded videos include Brand Nubian’s “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down,” EPMD and LL Cool J in “Rampage,” and a little positive rap from Rappin’ Is Fundamental.

— The remainder of this series has been canceled due to Newspaperman’s lack of rap game knowledge. To read more, check HERE. The entire series has been scanned for your enjoyment. Please checkout the “Yo! MTV Raps Card Gallery”


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  5. […] the card title for a full-size image; click HERE to view other posts in this on-going 36-part […]

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  7. can’t tell you how much i appreciate this blog. fine work!

  8. […] out this incredible blog 36 Times Dope for details about the entire card series collection. Yo! Yo! […]

  9. I have the whole set. How much is it worth.

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