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Two new vintage Mickey Mantles added to collection

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I received my latest package from yesterday and in it were about two dozen cards including my two newest vintage Mickey Mabtle cards, a 1957 and a 1966.

The condition on these cards leave much to be desired, but they are real.  

Mantle passed away 20 years ago this month, and even to this day I continue to chase his cardboard.

You can see more of my Mantle collection Here.

He won more World Series titles than Ric Flair had major World Heavyweight Titles

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Ric Flair is widely recognized as having held a major wrestling Heavyweight Championship title in the WWE(WWF), WCW, and NWA 16 times. Did you know there is a baseball player/coach who won more World Series titles than Flair held wrestling heavyweight belts?

Enter Frank Crosetti of the New York Yankees. Crosetti played 17 seasons in the majors and after his playing days went in to coach the Yankees. In all, he made 23 World Series appearances and was a member of 17 championship teams. Here he is pictured on his 1933 Goudey rookie card, one that I recently picked up from


The Mickey Mantle Collection

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IMG_8719When it comes to collecting baseball cards there are just a few names that really strikes a cord with collecting Perhaps the biggest name is Mickey Mantle.  Mantle may not have been the best player in the game, but he is probably the most popular among cardboard enthusiasts.  When I was a kid I only dreamed of owning a single Mantle card.  Any Mantle card.  And when I was 16, Topps released the Mickey Mantle reprint series which turned the hobby on its ear.  Yes, believe it or not, reprint cards were selling like hotcakes.  If you were a collector back then you surely remember the hunt for Topps.

While those reprints were an affordable way for collectors to own reprints of the original Mantles, they are reprints and there is nothing quite like the real thing.

Over the last five years I’ve managed to acquire some real Mantle cards, including his rookie.  No, not that 1952 Topps card that is often mistaken for his rookie cards.  But his true rookie, the 1951 Bowman.  I digress. In addition I’ve added a few of his singles from the 1950s and 1960s, and I figured I’d post them all on my site.  Not only for you to see, but so that I have a visual reference to what I already own.  As the header to the page says, the cards may not be mint, but they are indeed real. Enjoy.


Mickey Charles Mantle, 1956. Well-loved.

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OTD in 1929 Yankees become first team to use numbers on jerseys based on batting order

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Icon-O-Clasm: 1990 Columbus Police Kevin Maas

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Mariano Rivera tears ACL in knee, career might be over

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1997 Bowman’s Best International Preview Atomic Refractor

For more than a decade and a half, Mariano Rivera has made a living throwing one type of pitch in one inning per game.

And in the end (maybe) all it took was one batting practice session to end his career.

Rivera reportedly suffered a torn ACL Thursday night before the Yankees game against the Royals. The games’ greatest closer was hurt fielding fly balls during batting practice, according to multiple reports.

Yeah, batting practice.

If this is the end of his career — he previously stated that this would be his final season — it’s perhaps the saddest way for things to end.  His career would not have ended on the mound, but on the warning track before a game.

Over his 15-plus years of dominance, Rivera has not only collected hundreds of saves, but many  fans, including those who enjoyed his baseball cards.

I am a Red Sox fan.  I have said this for years. Fans of my team are supposed to hate all things associated with the Yankees. But I cannot say that I hate Mariano Rivera. You cannot hate greatness.

Anyhow, here are my five favorite Mariano Rivera cards to ever pass through my collection:

#5 – 2004 Playoff Honors Prime Signatures


#4 2012 Topps Highlights Target Red


#3 – 1998 Upper Deck International Pride


#2 – 1992 Bowman Rookie Card

#1 — 1997 Bowman’s Best International Preview Atomic Refractor